Monday, March 15, 2010

Coffee table

I can't find exactly what I want for the right price. I want to pout, but ya know, sometimes things like this force me to think outside of the box and I end up with something unique, unexpected and fabulous. Of course I could end up with something weird, awkward and out-of-place as well.

What I mean is, I wanted something 30 by 30, square or round, and white. Not too modern, not too ornate. Anything that I find and fall in love with is upwards of $300. I THINK NOT!

I know someday I will stumble upon the perfect table for the perfect price, but until then, I needed something to go there.

Here is what I am picking up tomorrow from Craigslist for $40.

It's a square end table that measures 23 by 23. It's also a little taller than your average coffee table at 23.5 inches. Making it about 5 inches taller than the seat of the couch.

Here is where it's going so you can visualize:

I may leave it as is, but I'm leaning towards painting it white, leaving the legs dark, and adding new knobs. It's going to be a weird height and on the small side, but I want room to move around around it easily. I'm hoping it turns out interesting in a good way. If not, I figured I could probably use it between the two chairs, and if not there (it is a small room with a lot of couch already and limited furniture space) then I can use it elsewhere in the house. Like where? I don't know! Stop acting like my husband.

Speaking of my Honey, someone sprayed his new truck with pink silly string the other day. It was just a little bit on one door. We figure it was probably a couple of kids. We had a similar incident with the lighted reindeer around Christmas time. Someone "mounted" them on each other which prompted some interesting questions from the kids when we pulled up that day. I wonder if we are getting pay-forward for things my little Scientist will do in the future lol.

This week I've left the blinds open and the outside lights on, thinking that may distract anyone from trying it again. Wednesday is beyond happy to help and alert us to anything and everyone that may even THINK of touching his truck.

My honey is getting a kick out of our little barking alarm system. :)

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