Sunday, March 14, 2010

Projects complete

I finished snazzying-up (it's a word) some of my recent thrift shop finds.

Remember this crate?

Bought it for- $.50
I used white spray paint, (already had on hand), a black sharpie marker, and came up with this!

My dog Wednesday was trying to snuggle under my elbow as I wrote the words and bumped me a few times. I could have been more creative, but I like it MUCH better than the Easter bucket that's been there for a year.

And remember this mag rack I got for a dollar?

Well here is what a little spray paint and wood glue will do. (it was a little rickety)

I realize where it's at. Don't judge me!

I did paint the bulletin board white also. I haven't hung it in the laundry room yet and it's blank, so not much to really show you. It's basically going to be the "to do" list holder, and probably something to track my weight loss, or motivational quotes or inspirational pictures. I'm thinking of putting a quote across the top actually. Just need to find the right one....

1 comment:

  1. I love that the magazine by the toilet says "do it yourself" a little reminder that no one else will wipe you. Yes, I am twisted.


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