Monday, March 29, 2010

Dinner conversation

It's been a busy weekend. We had the scientists 6th b-day on Sat. and then a photo session with my ex-SIL (aka friend) on Sunday. My Honey is home with asthma problems and although he went to the ER on Sat morning, I'm hoping to force him in to see his regular dr tomorrow. He still sounds terrible. He is talking like Christopher Reeves post accident.
Anyway, once he is back to himself and back at work, I'll take some time to post pics and do some crafts. Until then, enjoy this little gem from the drive thru line at Fazoli's today:

Ms. Thang- "Eww! There is a hairball outside in the grass! Is it from a dog or what?"

Honey-"No, looks like someone cleaned out their hairbrush or something."

Scientist- "Well, I can't see it that well from here, but it's definitely not an owl pellet."

Ms. Thang- "How do you even know that?"

Scientist- "It would have bones in it."

Me- "SHHHHH! Yes, and could I have a coke with that?"

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