Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thriftshop Thursday on hold till Friday

I want to get out there, but Cutecumber had a dr's appt today, and has been sleeping from about 10:00 until now..2:00! She needed it though. I'll probably force the scientist to go on a thrifty treasure hunt with me later today or maybe tomorrow. Ms. Thang is going to her dad's for the Easter holiday.

I had a big flop. Remember how I was going to buy that vinyl decal and put it on top of the coffee table in hopes it would look like an artistic and modern doily? Well, call me an idiot because of course the vinyl doesn't stick to wood! Although, you guys didn't really warn me either, which means I either have no readers, or you guys are stupid too. I'd like to think you are all stupid, but if I said that.. I probably wouldn't have any readers! :P

I got the decal in the mail asap. It even came with a little sample bird which I loved and promptly put on a corner above my bedroom door. Worked perfectly!

So then I tried the table. Not only did it NOT stick, it picked up tiny wooden bits of fuzz from the table and wouldn't stick on the dining room wall after that, which I tried immediately when the decal failed to stick on the table. I have a slightly textured wall, and the wooden fuzz was just making the decal super stubborn. In the end, I put it on the front of my oven door, and ya know.. I really like it!

I got some compliments on it at the scientists party.

Speaking of.. here are some photos:

The boy and just SOME of his loot...

Ms. Thang and the Stay Puft sign she made.

Cutecumber and cousins play with balloons...

The cake I made, before and after...

And I couldn't leave out this Slimer decoration I made (along with the logo decor in the first pic too)

He made out like a bandit! Leapster games, water guns, light sabers, remote control trucks, and even a label maker from my IL's which he used up in less than an hour! Didn't he know I needed to use that myself too?!

Hope you guys have a fun Easter Holiday! :)


  1. The little bird decal is so cute! Sorry about the decal not working on your table though:( but warning to watch the decal on the stove next time the oven is on! lol Thanks for sharing you lifetime moments..and with pictures! love, mom

  2. I think everything looks great. I am surprised the decal did not work, I put them on my front door all the time with no problem, not sure if the finish is different on your table?? The party looks like so much fun and I love your cake, and especially that you made the cake part green, you are so fun.

  3. Mom, the decal made it through 2 cakes so far, so I hope that means it's good!

    Deana, my table has no gloss or sheen on it. I think it's just lightly stained raw wood. And thanks about the cake! The guests were surprised it was green inside too. It was fun! Although my son didn't eat any of it. He thought it looked gross! lol


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