Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Silhouettes - check

Finally finished the silhouettes of the kids.

Here are the frames I found at the Salvation Army for $.49 each. They are about the size of a baseball.

I took them apart, cleaned the dust off with an old toothbrush and spray painted them with a glossy black.

I hate buying frames with pictures in them. Especially when the person that put the pictures in there took the time to make these over herself. When I took them apart, the frames were originally gold, and had these pictures of Mona Lisa and a fisherman inside. The photos of the 3 children had been pieced together to fit in the frames just right. It broke my heart that they were loved so much and then just discarded, so I just put everything back in the frames behind my children's silhouettes. I just couldn't throw those kids away, or the old cheesy art either. It's all still there behind each of my kids pics.

I used a photo editing program to make the silhouettes. Basically you take a photo of your child's profile with tons of back lighting (in front of a window) and then adjust the hues, contrast and such until you get a black on white silhouette. Like these:

I added their names in a pretty font to the right of each child, printed it out and hung them up. What do you think?

I'm wanting to get 2 slightly larger frames and doing one of me and my honey too.

I finished making a few Ghostbuster party decorations today, and wrapped up the gifts. Tomorrow I am making frosting for the first time, and I'm going to play with my Wilton decorating kit. Should be fun. I also get to take Wednesday (our dog) to be spayed in the morning. I've had to withhold food and water since 6pm and take her in at 8am. Poor girl. :(


  1. They came out soo great! What a neat memory too a snapshot of their age at this moment:)


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