Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ever so slightly overwhelmed

Monday started out well. I had a great weekend and for once, I was on top of the laundry game, and made a small, but noticeable dent in my "to do" list. My honey decided to play hookie and for a second I thought we might have a fun day together, but quickly realized he was going to sleep the day away. He needed it though. My grandmother called and was unexpectedly headed my way and wanted to stop by. I loved that someone was coming over when the house was clean. That never happens!

I went to pick up the kids from school and my grandmother was pulling up just as we were. She gave little spring gifts which were a huge hit. The scientist got an egg shaped football. Ms Thang got a long tube of bubbles with a giant wand, and Cutecumber got a little egg shaped cup. She even got me a little pot of shamrock. So neat! I've never had any and it looks great in that big empty spot of my spring display. (I know I've showed this little table 3 times now. Look at it and love it!)

The kids ran outside to play with their gifts, and my grandmother and I had a good talk about her recent trip to Kansas. Time had slipped away from me, and as I waved goodbye at the door, all the responsibility I had put off for the visit came flying at me. Literally! Cutecumber came running from the hallway with a boogery face. The scientist started twirling around on one knee chanting "I'm hungry" over and over, and Ms. Thang asked if the boy had already done his homework. No, blah...

I whipped up dinner, a white chili recipe that usually goes over well, except I used canned chicken instead of slow cooking it myself. I thought it was OK until the Scientist said he could taste bologna and wondered if I snuck some in. I just couldn't eat it after that. Yuck.

Homework went well, and both kids handed me a piece of paper explaining that this week was "Incredible kid" week and I had to write a letter to each child explaining how awesome they are so that it can be displayed in the hallways on Wed. I was a little excited. I love to write and my kids are extremely awesome so I had plenty of material to work with. I remember noting that the word "awesome" was misspelled in the instructions and feeling pretty confident that I would do the kids justice and perhaps blow the other parents out of the water. I'm not really competitive, so I'm not sure where all of those feelings came from, but I'd sure be eating it all later!

Tues morning I lay in bed and listened as Ms. Thang went about her morning routine, with the cough of a 80 yr old chain smoker. There is no history of asthma with her father or myself, but that girl has the weakest lungs. It's always strep throat, tonsillitis, bronchitis, wheezing, coughing, etc... and I was just ready to get to the bottom of it. I kept her home from school and made an appointment. Long story short, she's on a trial run of allergy meds, stronger antibiotics, and an inhaler which she has to use everyday before PE or physical activity and as needed.
*When she called to tell her dad, he told her she was a REAL nerd now lol. Poor kid, glasses and an inhaler the year before Jr High

While I was at the appointment, my new sectional came in (My Honey was here for delivery) and although I love it, I'm a little mad because I have always heard people raving about microfiber, but no one told me I was going to have to brush it so that all the fibers are going the same way and reflect the light equally. I know what you're thinking, and it does sound crazy, but it can't just be me. I took this picture in the "unbrushed" state... don't you want to pet it?

*I know I need to finish the other chair. I said I made a dent in my "to do" list, not completed it.*

I finally have a chase on one side which I have wanted forever and enjoyed laying there watching my son play with a friend. He was so excited to have him over, and I was impressed at what a sharing and well mannered kid the Scientist is. They played with trains, light sabers, and made guns out of Lego's. It was great to see him be such a boy. Poor kid has had to play more than his share of "babies" and "My Little Ponies" having a house full of sisters.

His friend left and once again I found myself behind because I wasted time watching the boy. Dinner was rushed again and after baths and homework, it was time for Lost and then bed.

Morning comes and guess who forgot to write the "Incredible kids" papers? That's right ME! So I wrote both of theirs in less than 5 minutes each. I suck! It was a rushed morning, and I didn't even dress Cutecumber as I headed out the door. I just hid my half dressed baby in a giant blanket and practically kicked the kids out of a rolling van in front of the school.

I get home and open the door to a ringing phone. Ms. Thang's new inhaler can be taken at home because her PE is first thing in the morning, so they are sending it back.

I don't think I'm getting any mother of the year awards soon unless they make one for moms that only spend seconds on letters about their child's "incredibleness", take babies half naked and dangle them from their arms while they balance a purse, keys, and the phone. Oh, and lets not forget I had no idea that PE was in the mornings and the school year is practically OVER!

Goals for today:
Tell your kids how awesome they are.
Make lunches and sign papers tonight so the morning isn't rushed.
Plan dinner.
Surf for the perfect coffee table/ottoman
Play Farmville <--how did that get there? :P

Little funnies:

*The scientist has been getting excellent conduct this week. Ms. Thang teased him on the way home one day.
Her: I guess that bad kid was your evil twin. Is he finally gone?
Scientist: Yeah, I'm the good twin. I stabbed that evil twin with a knife and killed him!
Ms. Thang and I were left wondering which twin was actually in our company lol

*Spell checker highlighted "her PE" and suggested herpes. lol

*I asked my Honey if he would go to 7-11 and get me a candy bar. (that time of the month, so I was practically asking for medication) and Ms. Thang says, "I don't think he should have to because he has worked hard all day." This is funny for two reasons. One, because he had stayed home from work that day, and two, my honey actually thought she meant it! When he came back with TWO candy bars, and Ms. Thang innocently smiled and overly thanked him, I knew he had been played. She's got mad skill.

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