Sunday, March 7, 2010

Guess what I did?

I said I wanted to make something and I actually made it in less than 24 hours!

I went to the Dollar Tree and grabbed 1 styrofoam wreath form, and 2 bags of moss, but I ended up just using one (with some left over). Then I used my glue gun and a little scrap ribbon and created this:

My Honey brought home a little bouquet of white tulips (how sweet right?) and it inspired me to get started on the spring display. I'm still not finished, but it's coming along. I want something substantial in the middle. I'm thinking of getting a decorative bird cage cause I have wanted one for awhile now anyway. I don't know how to get that depth I'm looking for. I need more layers..more color. Fabric? Organics?

I also finished this robot in the Scientists room. Isn't he cute?

**By the way, if you'll notice the face plate to the left of the robot's foot, it has been screwed in so tight it cracked. That would be courtesy of the Scientist, and due to his "helpfulness" I have about 20 cracked light plates/electrical plates all over the house. He wanted to make sure he got them all nice and tight....

Anyway, it felt good to get some projects done today. I forget how much I love to craft and paint!

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