Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thriftshop Thursday

It's pretty windy, but Cutecumber and I needed some fresh air. (sounds better than, "Hello, my name is Angel and I'm a shop-a-holic" doesn't it?)

I stopped at the Salvation Army first. I think of my grandma every time I go. She would take me on a certain day when I was younger and you could fill up a brown paper sack with anything in the store for $5 and she'd let me get one of my own. This is where I learned three valuable lessons.

1- How to shop on a budget
2- How to create your own "treasures" with someone else's crap and a little imagination.
3- How to pack!

You'd be surprised how much you can cram in one paper sack! Rolling shirts, filling vases and shoes with little things. It's no wonder I rocked Tetris. lol

I also hit Goodwill on the way home. So two stops and here is my loot:

How cute is this purse? I have never understood how some women can pay $100 for a name brand bag when there are a ton of cute purses for $1. Yep.. 1 dollar! It's like new.

And here is a dirty old magazine rack (not to be confused with a rack for dirty magazines!) I know it's dirty and ugly, but with a coat of white or black paint (I haven't decided which) it would be so cute next to a reading chair. It takes up way less space than an end table, and all I keep there are magazines anyway. I thought about having my Honey streamline it a bit for me with his saw, but sometimes when I let him handle my "treasures" for too long, he gets ideas of his own. Next thing you know, I have a car shaped rack next to the toilet holding crosswords.

Here is the main loot.

Let me break it down:

Mirror in a cherry finish. I'm pretty sure this was straight from Target's "damaged" pile because I saw the same mirror there. The brown paper backing has been torn off and it has a chip on the top that can easily be fixed with a marker. -$2 (half off wall decor today!)

Blue mini cake plate. I like it blue, but I'm dying to try a spray paint on it. I've seen it done and it supposedly lasts. It's worth a try @ $.70.

Bell shaped glass dome- $.25 and I have no idea what it is actually, but I'm going to put something decorative under it and call it pretty. I hope it's not a fancy butt plug or something equally as horrifying. I always have a fear of finding out I am "repurposing" something gross or stupid.

red and green striped pot- $.70 It matched my living room so I got it. I've killed every plant I've ever had, but a friend has inspired me to try pretty succulents which are supposed to be easy. If it dies, I can probably use the pot as part of a Christmas display.

2 bunnies for a total of $.75 and 3 carrots (made of metal springs) for 19 cents each. I got these to try out in my spring display, but I only ended up using the tiny bunny. The carrots are just too bright. I need to tone them down somehow.

Artichoke type ceramic thingy- $1. I'm gonna paint it and put it somewhere. I just don't know when or where yet.

Crate- $50. I plan on painting it and using it on the kids bathroom shelf. It's really narrow and I hope it fits (crossing fingers). It will hold curing irons, head bands etc...

2 metal stars - $.50 for both. I'll probably paint the red one, and I already used the white one.

Glass dome- $.20 I gotta stop buying these. I'm obsessed and cant stop!

I usually get Cutecumber a little doll or something as a "shut up" toy...err cause I love her, and she chose this instead. She's bored with it now, but I've kind of fallen for the little guy and here he sits next to my desk. It holds a picture and since she found it, I'll probably put a little cutecumber pic up there. -$.25

You thought you were going to get away without seeing my spring display today didn't you? WRONG!

Now I'm off to find some lunch. I'm starved!

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