Sunday, March 21, 2010

Le sigh...

In an hour, spring break will officially be over. There won't be another one quite like this. Cutecumber learned to say "socks" and "chip". The Scientist told me I was "the best mom in the whole world" without prompting. Ms. Thang had a great time at her dads and came home looking refreshed and relaxed. Not a sight you see often on a soon-to-be 13 yr old. Everything is life threatening these days.

I had some moments where I wished school would start again and my house would stay clean for more than a blink, but today, the last day, I let it all go to the wind and we had a fantastic day. A perfect day. The kids treated each other with kindness, and my honey and I shared laughs and held hands. One of those days that makes a million bad days still worth it all.

I'm ready for the old routine again, but with a new state of mind. Spring break did it's job. I feel a mile away from "the edge" instead of two steps away with a stick of short-fused dynamite in my pocket.

I love my life. xoxox

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