Monday, March 22, 2010

cookie pedestal and doilies

I love cookies and usually eat them right out of the package beside my computer, but how pretty would they be in this?!

Maybe I'll think them too pretty to eat? Doubt it! I can't claim the idea as my own because I did copy one I saw on a blog awhile back, and I WISH I would start saving the sites along with the ideas so I could give credit. If you come across this post, and you want some recognition, please comment and I will do so.
Here is how I did mine. 3 easy steps:

1. Buy a cheese plate and candle holder at the thrift shop (I paid $2 total).

2. Use E-6000 glue (I love love LOVE this glue) to adhere the candle stick to the bottom of the cheese plate.
I actually turned the candle stick upside down because the bottom side was flatter and had more
surface for glue. Make sure to get it nice and centered. I put a phone book on top and left it for a few hours while I visited with family.

Step 3. Paint! I cleaned off the dust and then hit it with some satin white spray paint. Wah-La!

I think it's really cute. I might make another in black. How awesome would that look on Halloween with little pumpkin cookies? Or even in a wedding display with a dish of cream cheese butter mints?

Hey, have I mentioned that I love my husband? I really do, and especially so after his little weekend project. Actually, I guess it was more of a last minute Sunday night project. Remember this end table I bought from Craigslist to convert into a coffee table? Well, I got it and it was awkwardly tall which I had suspected. Fortunately, my Honey recently bought a metal cutting tool and shortened the legs for me!

It's the perfect fit. I had contemplated painting it off-white like the fireplace and other pieces in the room, but I sort of like it as is. Well, really I would have painted it, but the handles and knobs are brads rather than screws and I'd probably end up doing more damage removing them than if I just left them alone. So... I have decided to try something new. I thought of using this doily decal (in white) from Etsy and putting it on top of the table.

I love it's country feel, but with the clean and new look of a decal. I thought of it all on my own! (Which reminds me, NEVER look at page 92 in your 2010 Spring issue of Do It Yourself magazine.) The 35 dollar price tag put me off though. It's really not that bad of a price, and I super-bad want it, but I pride myself on being cheap, (mom you must be so proud!) so I looked a little more and found this decal for $5.

I think it's going to be really cute, and if not, I can peel it off and I am only out $5. This actually mimics a pattern I saw painted onto a sidewalk once and have ALWAYS wanted to do in the back yard. How pretty is this?

Or imagine it with overlapping lacy doilies stenciled along the walk in an English garden setting with roses and overgrown trellis. I'd think I was in heaven. Seriously! And check out this tree!

Over the top or work of art? Either way, it's neat!
I know when you first hear "doily" you either imagine the cheesy red ones that people glue onto valentines or a little old lady with one on every surface in her home, covered in dust and yellowed with age. But look closer. They really are beautiful. Like little hand knitted snowflakes or meticulously ornate spider webs. So neat...

Anyway, I'm sure I've pushed doilies on you enough now, but I hope the next time you spy one, you'll take a second to appreciate its unique beauty.

And on that note, I'm going to order my $5 decal flower/doily wanna-be and call it beauty.

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  1. You are so talented! I'm stealing every idea you'll ever steal! jk. jk. I love the side walk art and that cookie plate.... beautiful!


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