Tuesday, March 23, 2010


The Scientist turns 6 on Saturday so we get to celebrate his birthday on the actual birth date! I'm not going to do a sappy post about him growing up just yet. I feel it coming on though, you've been warned.
He is going with a Ghostbuster theme this year. He's watched the old cartoon episodes on dvd a million times over. I didn't even mention this when asking him what kind of party he wanted because Ghostbusters, although awesome, don't have very many party items out right now, which means custom stuff by me, aka more work for me. This was a suggestion my dear husband made and the Scientist jumped right on it. It was actually a frantic ploy by Honey when the boy started leaning hard towards a "puppy" party theme and homophobia set in and "real MAN" themes were flying out of Honey's mouth at lightening speed. "Spiderman, Hulk, Superman, Cars, Army, Star Wars, Ghostbusters?" and that's how it all went down. He wants a protonpack and ghost trap from the 80s, and he won't be getting it, although Honey tried to get one on Ebay and bid the ridiculous amount of $75 on it and lost thank goodness. Who was that proton pack really for I wonder? lol
I'm a little happy that the party has been reduced to a handful of friends and family due to a few no-shows and previous plans or recent visits. Basically, I just had to buy green and red party decor, and make a cake. I'm nervous about the cake. I plan on doing a simple layered cake, tinted green inside, with white frosting, red piping, and the ghost logo on top. I got an awesome cake decorating kit for Christmas, so the pressure is on a bit. I've been tempted to practice a few mini cakes, but who has time for that!?
I want to pay someone to clean my kitchen right now. I still have a ziplock full of "gold dollars" from that time Honey used a 20 dollar bill in the stamp machine. Any takers?

I still have a few unfinished projects I want to do before party day. The little silhouettes of the kids for one thing. I have two done and hung on the wall, but I still need to do one of Ms.Thang. She's been quite the teen lately so I put it off yesterday. I bought a used Little Tikes Playhouse for $30 the other day thinking it was too small for the oldest two, but that Cutecumber would get a lot of use out of it. Wrong. Cutecumber loves to run around it, while the scientist spends all his time at the built in gas pump, fueling every wheeled toy in the backyard. I printed out some fake credit cards, laminating them with tape, to use at the pump.
I figured Ms.Thang would be disappointed because she is too big for the playhouse, and would pout when Honey brought it home because she didn't get anything, but she is the one I find inside of it the most. After school she pulled a lawn chair in, grabbed her ipod and stayed in there for a good couple of hours while I did some laundry and she "watched" her siblings.

She looks so much like her dad there. Crazy...

Anyway, have I mentioned that I love Spring?
This is the first year Cutecumber can actually run around outside. She loves it. She's like a little magnet, repelling from anyone that gets too close. Run run run run, bounce off mom, run run run run, bounce off Sis, run run run.... it's cute, and she sleeps so well! I might be able to watch Lost tonight without fighting the little monkey in my arms!

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  1. lol @ the puppies and dads suggestions..

    I invited isabels WHOLE class & I was getting nervous! but thank goodness only about 6 came. :)

    And I hear ya about the toddler (are they considered toddlers now?) running around outside AWAY from every one... it's nice...


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