Monday, April 5, 2010

Armless bunny, blind dogs, and orangutans in dresses

I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend! We colored and hunted for eggs, I baked a cake (finally doing a few butter cream roses) and we ate ham with the in-laws.
I don't know if you remembered last years post about how much I hate Easter baskets and stuffed bunnies so I kept my eyes open for alternatives this year. I found these on Friday at Goodwill.

I used the jute bag as Cutecumber's "basket" and plan to use it from now on when I do my thrifty shopping! (giving myself a big green pat on the back) and it's still stiff with newness. The sides are green with brown polka dots. So cute. Inside is just as cute and has a little zipper pocket with the same logo as the front. Cool, I just googled it (making sure it wasn't funded by devil worshipers) and it retails for $16. See! I got mine for $.99! Who needs drugs when there are deals like this?!?
The bunny came with the Target tag still on it. I am aware that I just mentioned hating stuffed bunnies and this is a bunny. But look at it! It has no arms! If ever there was a bunny that needed some love...for $.50 this little guy got to poke his head out of the Easter bag and have it's ears gnawed by a 1yr old.

I also picked up a few other things while I was out.

I loved the little lotus candy dish(?) but I am a sucker for leaves, Asian items, and ceramics and this just fit too many of my categories to pass up. I should really call it the category of things under a dollar that I like but don't need and buy compulsively, but it doesn't really flow well.
In the middle is a mint green shadow box frame (with tiny silver stars that didn't show up in the picture)that I have a cool plan for. I paid $.69 for it and it won't stay that color for long.
On the far left is another thing that fell into the category that doesn't flow. It's a Christmas tree topper as far as I can tell, but I love birds and I know I'll need it later..for something.

I also came across two weird little dogs. They were separated by a few shelves. I saw the short blue one first. To be honest, it caught my attention because it was so ugly lol. A few shelves later and I saw the taller dog and picked it up. How strange they were! I looked on the bottom and it said "glasses holder" so I put my glasses on the thing and instantly decided that my daughter and I needed them. $1 for the pair.

She picked the blue guy. I'm glad cause I like the green one. :) I like that he stands out on my "matchy-matchy" night stand. It proves I'm not completely left brained. I like to mix it up. I'm hip! I'm down!

OH and one last thing! I think it was Thursday that I stumbled upon the work of an artist named Donald Roller Wilson. I fell in love with his orangutan "Cookie" and hung these up in the family room. The frames are from the Dollar Tree, and I printed out the pics right from my computer.
I couldn't decide if I liked the clearer "no flash" pic or the truer colors of the "flash" pic better, so you get both. (stupid semigloss textured wall...)

I promise they are hanging straighter than they appear. They really make me smile, and the kids approve. Even my Honey said they were adorable. :)

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