Sunday, April 11, 2010

I had a crafty Saturday

I probably should have been out doing yard work, but instead I had a laid back day with the family, sat on my rear end and did some crafts.

I made some felt cookies for Cutecumber's tea parties. These were sew easy (pun intended) that I plan on doing more items. Maybe a pizza, cinnamon roll, cupcake..

Speaking of Cutecumber, look at this pic I took yesterday of my two little girls watching Daddy water the yard:

Then I made this little "nest frame" for under $2! I think it turned out pretty cute! I got my inspiration HERE. (Can you believe I remembered to save the site and not just the pic?)

Here are the step by steps..

I found the shadow box for $.69 and the little Christmas tree topper for $.59 during this thrifty shopping trip. I only want to use the bird. I picked up the candle stick yesterday at the Salvation army for $. 39. It was actually a little difficult to find one with a narrow top for my little frame, but I found it! The little wooden "man" was going to be a finial on top of the whole thing, but I didn't like it in the end. The sheet music was printed right off of the computer, although I did give it a yellowed background for some "age". And actually, the music doesn't match the title (Three little birds) because I thought this sheet music was prettier lol

Next, I disassembled the frame so I could paint it. I only needed the bird off the tree topper and it pulled off easily. I also took the candle holding piece off of the stick. Then I took them outside to paint.

For the eggs, I used some leftover Easter candy. This was probably the hardest part of the project. The kids kept eating the candy I had set aside and I had to have 3 matching pieces. They were also a lot harder to paint that I expected. I used acrylic and it worked fine, the hard part was holding them and getting it on every side without coating my fingers in paint. Mission impossible. My fingers were coated in paint.

I hot glued them in a nest of Dollar Tree moss, and trimmed my sheet music to fit the frame. I brushed on a little brown acrylic paint here and there for a more aged look.

Last, I felt it still needed something, and I didn't take pictures of this part, but I cut a butterfly shape out of the left over sheet music, and glued it to card stock (aka, an old birthday card) for sturdiness. I highlighted the edges and middle with a black marker, bent it to give it a more "raised" look and stuck it on with double sided tape. Then I hot glued the nest in the frame, glued the frame to the candle stick, added the bird and Boo to the yah it was done! I have to say it is so much cuter in person. It looks really washed out in this picture.

Here is a bonus pic of the Scientist being forced to wear a yoda hat as entertainment for mom while she waited for the paint to dry.

I wonder if this will make it into his graduation montage?


  1. I love the picture of them looking out the window! so cute!

    And you always have such good ideas (even if their stolen) Im going to steal them from you! But whenever im out and about, i forgot and never buy the stuff. lol

  2. You are clicking the follow button on my blog, right? And it asks you for a password? that's strange... lol. :( oh well!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I am not doing well with my comments today. I love the little cookies you made. Pottery Barn Kids sells the felt food for super expensive, let me know if you ever decide to make any of that to sell. I love your music display, so creative.

  5. How did I give birth to such a talented person! Oh yeah, God made you:) Love everything esp the music window with eggs KA-UTE! mom


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