Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I don't have much time to post lately, but thought I'd throw something out there so I haven't abandoned my blog all together. I still want to take a picture of all my bags like Crystal did. Maybe later today.

For now, here is a look at the top of my refrigerator.

Ok, ok I just cleaned it! I was watching some recorded episodes of Hoarders and it motivates me. Oddly I can find time to watch that, but not blog...good thing I'm writing up a quick one now or I'd start analyzing my priorities. :S

So lets see what was up there before:

The majority of these items are thing confiscated from the kids through about a 3 month period. IE small flashlight, tape measure, lotion, chap sticks, breakable glass frame, piece of wooden dowel, and the list goes on.
In this picture you also see a bucket of soft mints to the left of the monkey, which my Honey and oldest are addicted too. The monkey was bought at the Salvation Army (shocker I know) under the impression that I was getting a lid-less cookie jar to hold candy. After a quick google I realized I was storing candy in an ornate trash can. No one would ever guess, except for the fact that I tell everyone, including you. :)

I also had a variety of air fresheners. This is something I can honestly say is my Honey's fault. It's a strange thing however. I have a sensitive nose. I smell things others cant. My husband, on the other hand, has a less than average sniffer but feels the need to be surrounded by scents of clean linen and cumber melon at all times. Those are the scents I allow him to spray. No way am I smelling a 10 second spritz (COUGH) of perfumed flowers or tropical rain forests. Blech!
I've thrown them away and avoided buying them. He makes special trips.
I've bought candles instead. He lights them all and sprays for an aromatic cocktail that will make your head spin and your dog talk.

Anyway.. I've strayed from my topic haven't I?

There is also a container of chalk for a chalkboard I don't have anymore, a glass full of mini pine cones for a project I had planned but didn't pan out, a small can of red paint from when I did the robot on the Scientists walls, and other Who Knows Whats.

Lets see what stayed on the fridge:

*Pens and pencils. I need those there for signing school folders, making groc. lists, and writing on the dry erase calendar just out of the shot.

*Vitamins. I've gotten so good at remembering to give these to the kids, the Scientist drew one on his paper titled "Things I do in the Morning"

*Air freshener. I think I've said enough...

*Candy. Rewards for kids good behavior, instant Shut Up for the baby when I've got to make an important phone call, and chocolate hormone pills for mom. :P

*School work storage- Notes, work, fundraisers, art, reminders, etc...

*yellow dish for mini storage- batteries, screws, pieces of things-I-don't-know-what-they-go-to- but-look-like-I-shouldnt-throw-away... I have one in the kitchen and one in the laundry room. I have probably had some of those things for 10 years, scared to throw them out for fear I'll finally realize what something was after it's gone.

In the VERY back, I also have a ceramic hand that I thought was a bud vase where the flower looked like it was being held by a fisted hand, but really, it's a weight for a bouquet of balloons where the hand looks like it's holding them down. Even though it wasnt what I thought it was, I decided to hang onto it for the next party, thinking it would look cute. 2 years later I still havent used it. I always forget about it. I thought about moving it, but now, it's been there so long, I know where it is, and if I move it, I'll never find it.

Well there you go. What's on YOUR fridge?

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