Monday, June 7, 2010

5 Signs of Summer

Summer vacation has officially started in the House of Q. Here are 5 signs I noted today...

1.Quiet morning that lingered on past 9am.

2.Kitchen full of plates with seeds glued to them using dried watermelon juice.

3.Wet foot prints leading from the pool, across the concrete and down the hall where swimsuits are left to hang in the bathroom to dry.

4.Sun kissed children laying about on furniture declaring their boredom and undying desire to eat me out of house and home.

Ahh the lazy days of summer. :)


  1. There are so many great things about summer break. I hope you guys have a great one.

  2. I love this list is only 4 things for 5 signs of summer. Summer does bring about that laziness.

  3. Gwen I'm glad someone finally noticed that funny little, totally-on-purpose" mistake. You be funny. :P


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