Sunday, June 27, 2010

Adding "Americana" to my vocabulary

It's been a slightly productive weekend, but most things I had planned have not panned out. Oh well, I went with the flow. I'm always better off for that.

I had planned to paint and install my Freddy K medicine cabinet, but before I painted it, I decided to measure the area I wanted to put it and of course there is a stupid stud exactly in the middle of that spot. DRAT! The wall space is limited in the laundry room due to shelving so I need to come up with a Plan C. If you are wondering about Plan B, it's currently in action. Plan B is leaving it where it is while I come up with a Plan C.

I didn't want to get side tracked from crafting so I decided to pull out the sewing machine last night and see where it led me. I ended up finishing a seam on the curtain in the Scientists room. It was sort of bitter sweet. The curtain that was up there before was made by a dear friend, and finishing the seam made the transformation final and the old curtain was taken down. It served it's purpose well. It was even faded through the center from years of hard work. Thanks Monica! I made his new curtain out of his fitted sheet which he refuses to use. I just cut slits in the top seam and threaded the rod through. Then I trimmed the bottom to fit, and sewed a simple seam.

I also finished a seam on the Scientist's comforter which I had cut about 6 inches off on one whole side so it would fit his bunk bed better and allowed him to make his bed so much easier which was becoming a struggle because of the bulky blanket. (not the best pic, but you get the idea)

That's all I ended up doing on the machine, but my Honey took it over and whipped out the cutest little "Americana" patch quilt made with material scraps his grandmother left behind. It is so snuggly and comfortable. I plan to use it as a throw on the sofa while all my Fourth of July decor is out. I think it will be a well loved and fought over accessory in our den for years to come.

Isn't it charming? I love that my Honey can sew. Have I ever posted a photo of the hat he crocheted for Cutecumber just after she was born? Let me use this as an excuse to show you one of my favorite pictures and memories:

I love my family!

Ok back to crafting 101...
I ended up doing another quick project with my "retro" contact paper from this thriftshop trip.

I used mats from the Dollar Tree which are actually in the pet aisle as "feeding mats" and covered them with the contact paper. It was really easy, even with the "help" of my little Cutecumber (note her tiny arm in the photo) who was slightly upset that I was covering up Snoopy, but I did get an "ooh cuuuute" from her when I was finished which diminished my guilt thank goodness.
Just cut the contact paper slightly larger than your mat. Peel off the backing and lay the contact paper sticky side up. Lay the mat picture-side down and press down well. Use an X-acto knife to trim away the excess. Flip over and Ta-Da! It took me about 20 minutes to do all 6. I opted for the pet feeding mats over actual place mats because they were slightly larger and firmer, not floppy like most foam type place mats. They are easy to clean too. I'm really happy with the way they turned out. Really cheery and happy and complement my Fiestaware collection quite nicely. (which is continuing to grow, thanks Mom!)

As a side note, Honey hates that paper, but humored me when I was finished with the mats and said they turned out cuter than he thought they would. I think it's growing on him. I giggle a bit at the fact that the stickers on the back say "Feeding Mat". We're animals in the House of Q. lol


  1. That quilt is soo cute! I am so glad you have such a wonderful Honey:) I also love the scientist's pillow:) Always glad to look at that sweet pic of Cutecumber too, doesn't it show her personality now that she is older? she still gives that same look sometimes.

  2. Aww... glad his curtains served him well. It was fun making it for him, but I'm so happy with how you've grown over the years and trying new things.... I knew you could do it ... and you've proved me right. =) SCORE one for me! =)


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