Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Slice of life - Summer 2010

Just a few updates on me and the ones I love:

My Honey- Loves his new job aside from the long hours. I wish he had more time with us, but the money is good and soon enough we will have the $$ to do really fun family things on his days off and have awesome vacations together. At least at this job, he is home every night. Maybe not in time for dinner, but he does come home. He is happiest when he is providing and protecting. :)

Ms. Thang- Just weeks away from her first day of Jr. High. Every day she leaves her childhood further in the past, at (what seems to me) an alarming rate! We can share more things, conversation, music, stories at this level of maturity and I enjoy it. Every step she has taken out on her own has been in the right direction, and if not, she's still at the stage where mom's advice means something and she listens. She's a wonderful person, and on her way to becoming a wonderful young adult. Her love of life/living leaves me speechless and inspired at times.

The Scientist- We've worked a lot this summer on "obeying" and showing him that he can't hold his own reins quite yet. I do try and keep the balance though, allowing him to be a child and express himself. He's in a rough spot, as the middle child and only boy. I have to parent him differently..learning as I go, hoping to teach him how to be an awesome adult, because lord knows he has all the ingredients of greatness. He is an amazing kid. So easy to read because he doesn't pretend to be anyone different. A quality I love in his father.

Cutecumber- I'm learning more and more about this little person every day. She's such a well balanced kid. She's introvert and extrovert, right and left, smart and creative, sweet and strong, with little extremes, but yet not totally predictable. Easy going, but still full of surprises. She'll be two in Sept. and I've never felt more prepared for the age as I do now. Having her in my 30s vs my teens and 20s with the other two has its advantages. I think she is getting the best years of me. I'm a different parent now than I was then. I've got a few children under the belt, a more relaxed approach and know better which battles to choose. This one is witty though, so luckily I'm on top of my game.

Me- I've focused a lot on being a mom lately and the other parts of me have been a little neglected. I think once school starts, I'll have a more time for me. I need to get out more (which I've been saying for years so don't think you'll see tons of progress here over night lol) but I feel motivated to work on me (not crafts, but ME) and we'll see what comes of it. It's a case of classic Mom Syndrome, where you put yourself last on the list. Luckily I've had a lot of encouragement from My Honey to do something nice for myself and he's pushing rather hard. Life could be a lot worse. :)

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