Monday, July 26, 2010

Kitchen video review

I had intended on making some comments about the video when I posted it, but time got away from me (Mario kart was calling my name) so here is the usual Q & A I do for the Home Tour Challenges.

These are a few pictures of the kitchen when we bought it:

And you'll just have to watch the video to see the changes. I'm too lazy to take new photos and upload them. lol

What I love: With the citrus color pallet, this room makes me the most happy and I especially enjoy it in the spring and summer months. I wish it's true vibrancy showed on the video.

What I hate: My counter tops and the cool toned tile. I don't know if it shows in the video, but there are chunks of counter missing along the side of the bar area. I'll get a new counter someday and I've almost decided that I want them fairly dark. Surprised? I am lol

What I want: All new stainless appliances! I hate my stove, it came with the house. I think has the ugliest burners I've ever seen. I also hate the microwave. We bought it when we first moved in and apparently I suck at buying appliances. I could tell you everything that is wrong with it, but lets just say cheaper is NOT always better. The rest of my appliances came from my il's so I can't complain! Nothing is wrong with the fridge or the dishwasher, I just want the stainless for purely cosmetic reasons. lol I'm also over the "watermelon" looking stripes, but I can't find a green that I love. I was not going for watermelon when I put the stripes up. Not lovin' it.

What I need: I don't like the "center piece" on the table. I want something cooler but for now, it's got the necessities (salt, pepper, napkins) so it's functional. I would love this though:

Something old: The stools at the bar are actually from an old Walgreens. My fil worked there for a LONG time and had these in his shed and asked me if I wanted them. The tops where a little tattered and I decided to recover them in some creamy leather I got from my mil. I only finished the tops and planned to finish the bottoms, but My Honey stopped me and said he liked them two toned. I stood back and had to agree! They look like topless oreos and I think that's fun. :)

Something new: The painted pantry is new, and so are the place mats which I made.

Good bargain: Almost all the items on top of the cabinets were less than a dollar or given to me as gifts. (thanks mom!) The table was also given to us and we just painted it white. Even the island was given to me and actually belonged to My Honey's ex girlfriend at one time lol

Most expensive:uhhh... hmm. Probably the green kitchenaid mixer (which I loooooove)

Most meaningful: I have a ceramic chicken not shown in the video that my grandma gave me. I remember getting candy out of it as a kid. (old pic)

I also have pieces of Fiesta ware from my mom and other gifts from her around the kitchen. These were actually my first fiesta ware pieces given to me by my mom, but they broke when a shelf fell off the wall while we were away. :(

They are in a color called Persimmon and it started my whole Fiesta ware craze.
I also like the painting of the girl "Lemontine" because I did it myself.

And where is the bird?: There is a cute fat one on the shelf that also holds my cookbooks, a couple of roosters on top of the cabinets, and a little owl by the bread box.

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