Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Can't sleep

Even when I'm "fantasy" shopping, I still look for a deal lol

Tonight I can't sleep. Honey is out on a late job and the kids are all snug in their beds while visions of school supplies dance in there heads, and I'm "shopping" for things I will never really buy on craigs list

Here are my local picks:

I want this mirror for $25

I would so buy it for that price right now (says it's really heavy so I'm guessing it's pretty nice) but I really don't have anywhere to put it except for over my bed and I know if it's heavy, my Honey (aka Mr. Safety) won't put it up unless it's perfectly centered on a stud with a bazillion wall anchors and even then he won't like it or the thought of it falling on us in our sleep. So no...

$5 for the 2 oval pieces below

The frames would be perfect painted black for silhouette shots of Honey and I to compliment the ones I did of the kids here. But do I really want a couple of frames to sit in my already project-filled-closet for months? Not really...

I want this lamp. It's listed as "like new" for $25 obo.

I'd probably offer $15 and go for $18-$20 (it's been listed for awhile) and then do a black distress on it, or maybe go vibrant w/chartreuse or red with a new drum shade. But, I don't need a lamp, so never mind.

There is also cricut machine which is SOOO cool, but even on craigslist it's out of my price range and I know I'd probably use it less than I think I would.

I would LOVE to make over this becon bench, but at $150 it's too much for my blood.

But is sure would be a perfect place for the kids to sit and put their shoes on in the mornings.

or would I rather have this double seated cedar rocker for $150 instead?

I'd even let go of my fun red Putt Putt bench to make room for this guy.

I'm thinking of getting this beautiful hand painted set for my mom for Christmas so don't tell!

at $40 it's a steal don't ya think? :P

A couple of recent funnies about myself before I get off of here and try to sleep.

1. Yesterday it was about 9pm and I was standing in line @ Walmart with a belt and tube(?) of mascara running a slight mystery fever I've been fighting off and on for a couple of days now. The line was a mile long (you know how it gets when it's late and there are a total of 4 lines open) when the lady in front of me told me I could go ahead of her because I only had 2 items. That happens to me sometimes but NEVER has that happened to me @ Walmart. But it gets even freakier, the next 3 people ahead of me slowly, one-by-one did the same! I skipped 4 spots! I felt so blessed and thankful. It was a VERY long day and if ever I deserved to skip it was then. I was climbing in the van when I got a glimpse of myself in the mirror and I looked like a complete MONSTER! I was pale and sweating, matted wild hair, dark circles... I realize now that I was skipped ahead because people were probably scared of me!

2. Today I am feeling much better actually, but I noticed as I was getting dinner (taco villa cause I spent all day deep cleaning the kitchen and didn't want to mess it up of course) I realized that it was sort of awkward and hard for me to reach the drive thru window. Why? Because my shirt was on backwards all day that's why! I should really get to bed, apparently I am in need of a good nights sleep lol


  1. LOL @ your funnies!!! I hate when I look in the mirror and realize I've been walking around looking like a weird.

    I think you should sleep an extra hour... hehe

    I like all your finds on craigslist.... How do you do your searches? I enter what I'm looking for... Because you found so many I was wondering if you do the same or just go through a list of randoms?

    Those picture frames is exactly what I'm looking for! For the girls silhouettes.... I hope I find some the next time I go thrift shopping! Or even smaller ones!

    The mirror is a steal! I would get it and figure it out later! hehe

  2. Crystal my local Craigslist is not that busy. I usually just go every few days and see what's new in my favorite categories, but sometimes I do look up certain things on the search.

  3. uh oh sorry I read your blog and saw the switch covers! Cute! But don't you dare spend $40 on me for Christmas...lol j/k I love your fruity back ground:)

  4. Thanks so much for this post! I'm sorry, but I've been searching for oval frames to redo and I picked those beauties up on craigslist! I'll think of you as I paint them up! I love reading your blog. A fried recommended it, and I have been hooked at looking (and maybe copying) a few of your crafty projects. I too love to garage sale and thrift shop. If I see you around I'll probably introduce myself! Hope that you find some great treasures tomorrow. Garage saleing has been super rewarding for me lately!

  5. I'm so glad you got them, and even more glad that you're reading AND commenting. Sa-weet! I wanna see a pic when your done. I <3 a good before and after!


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