Friday, August 20, 2010

*cricket chirp*

I don't know why I always seem to abandon my blog when things get really busy. It's one of the things that actually relaxes me and gives me a moment to myself which is much needed during times like BACK TO SCHOOL MADNESS! lol

The kids officially start on Monday and I hope to post a lot more often then, because I know boredom will eventually set in although it seems impossible right this minute.

I've got plenty to show you, and lots of crafts waiting in the closet, but until I have more time they will just have to wait. For now, some randoms:

Lamps are so easy to find and get a great deal on, but lamp SHADES are a completely different story. I hate to think I paid 3x the amount I paid for a lamp on the stupid shade, but I just might go there.

I read the entire Twilight series while my little scientist did a stint in the hospital with an abscess in his cheek. He's doing great and I'm not ashamed to say that I will be first in line when Breaking Dawn makes it to the big screen.

School supply shopping at the last minute SUCKS, but something that doesnt suck is the Kidvantage program at Sears. I got all of the scientists pants there due to a hole-in-the-knees disease he spreads to every pair he's ever owned. Replaced for FREE people!

Ms. Thang wants colored contacts for her birthday (nonprescription) and I really don't like the idea but she's pressing the issue. I can't think of a reason to say no other than I don't like the idea of her touching her eye lol

The scientist's mohawk is gone. I can't say I was sad to see it go. I really missed my clean cut boy!

I'm am so ready for fall. I want it to be cool enough to give my front yard a little sprucing and I want to decorate for fall already. I got a red bench to put outside for $18 on craigslist and it was originally used at Putt putt which I think makes a neat story. How cool is that going to look with some fall decor? I don't know either but I'm ready to check it out.

I'm probably going to post a sappy Back to School picture post on Monday, and after that..projects galore. :)


  1. I am glad the little scientest is doing better...I to read the whole twilight series, I get teased allot for liking it lol. Ashley started school 2 weeks ago, getting kids ready for school is crazy now a days. I found some beautiful shades for lamps at wal-mart, they weren't to bad, but I to felt bad about spending that much money, I always hear about people crafting their own, but I just couldn't seem to get the size, shape and style right. I am always amazed by your amazing finds, I wish I could find things like you do...I will have to start looking harder

  2. Cant wait to see all your crafts & ideas! I'm reading to steal!!lol


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