Saturday, September 25, 2010

Don't you hate it when...

Don't you hate those days when you visit all your favorite blogs just to see the same posts and pictures you saw last week? ME TOO! My craft brain is a sponge and I need a constant flow of new ideas or I'll dry up and DIE!

So, here is a quick post to keep my readers from suffering that horrible feeling. :)

Honey had a day off Friday. This is BIG news because lately he's been working his cute little hiney off. Of course, being the loving wife that I am, I utilized this time to get a few "manly" projects around the house finished up. Don't look at me like that! I didn't bark out orders or have a weekend line-up of things for him to complete (although I totally could have come up with that much stuff) I just hovered close by, goosing his butt while he was helpless on the ladder with his hands full and told him how delicious my lemonade was while he licked his lips and dabbed sweat from his brow with the corner of his shirt. I'm (half way) kidding!

Here is the one and only project I had him do. A new kitchen light! It's not a fancy smancy chandelier or anything, but it is a bit more sleek and modern than the previous one. We replaced it because (get ready for the wrong word to be used here because I only heard Honey say it once and I really didn't care...) the baluster(?) burned out in the old neon fixture a couple of days ago. We needed a replacement asap and not a lot of $$ so off to Lowes we went. Surprisingly I didn't like anything there in our price range. So off to Home Depot we went and I found something I didn't hate. That's how fast-need-it-now-and-need-it-cheap shopping goes for those of you that are Gazillionaires and buy the prettiest light no matter the price. I don't hate you. I don't hate you.

Here's how "we" did it:
First, my honey took the old light fixture down. Do you see that hideous grimy icky color peeking out from under there?

EWW! (be thankful that it's hard to photograph in here without a light!)

Then I scrubbed and painted over all the ick, and yes, I just painted over the part that needed it.

Luckily with the new light, you can't tell where the new paint starts and the old paint ends because you are looking right at a very bright light and your retinas will burn if you look too closely for very long. And like I always say..if you are looking that hard at my ceiling you need your retinas burned. :P

So while we waited for the paint to dry, I took a few pictures around the kitchen. Found a couple of new bundts!

(the kitchen light was out so the color is weird) I'm not really liking the copper. The blank spot it bugging me. I hope I find another one soon.

Ms. Thang made this bag for me awhile back. She sewed it by hand! It holds all the extra Leap Frog magnets. I have multiple sets :S

Didn't she do a great job?

Ok, I'm hungry for lunch already(it was 11:00), "Honey do you want Taco Villa?"
I love Taco Villa and Taco Villa loves me see...

Ok back to the light. Honey put up the new one and I found out it's almost as hard to take a picture of a neon light as it is to take a picture of the ceiling without a light!

I know in the picture you can see the paint outline, but you really can't see it in "real life". I think it looks so much better than the old one and I it cost us right around $60.

Here is a quick sneak peek of things coming soon:

I painted a checker board. Can you guess where?

and I glitzed up this thrift shop owl for Halloween. It turned out better than I expected!

Have a great weekend! xoxox


  1. Thank you for my fix... :)

    I love the little bag that she hand sewed for you! It's cute!! The new light is awesome! And looks really bright! I like bright bright lights in the kitchen!! The heart chip is cute! Do they all look like that? I'm not sure where you painted the checker board... Can't wait to see though!! And I can't wait to see the owl!!

    I'm looking for cats and other creepy stuff for my halloween decor....

  2. The checkerboard is on the table that sits in front of your couch in the room with the fireplace.

    Am I right? Am I right?

  3. I am in awe of your industrious nature. And craftiness, of course. Lin

  4. Crystal- all the chips do look like that and I don't paint the bundt pans. I decided to leave them as is.

    Katie- You are right!

    Lin- I'm in awe of your quick wit..and ability to note my industrious nature and craftiness. :)


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