Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Not equivalent to the one in my head.

Remember that big "R" that I was going to decoupage (first time) as part of a wedding gift? Well it didn't turn out the way I had envisioned. I mean..I did everything right, I just think I used the wrong paper maybe. It seems too busy. What do you think? It will look something like this, but prettier ribbon, and a stack of gray towels and hand towels. Hmm I wonder if the bride-to-be would ever read this...Well, Mrs. Future R, you're getting the gray towels on your registry lol. But really, I don't think she reads. (But she should!)

So what are you thoughts? I went with that style of paper because she put a lot of black scroll decorations on her registry and other black items. It already has a hole for hanging if she chooses, or she can always just set it on a shelf. I hope she likes it! :)

Oh and decoupaging = EASY!
I just painted the whole letter (front sides and back) black. Then traced it onto my paper and cut it out. I used an xacto knife because the middle hole was a bit tricky. Then just mod podged it on, let it dry, and mod podged over it with a little paint brush. Oh, I did have to trim up the paper a bit around the edges. I just laid it down (paper-side to the table) and used the xacto to trim off any over hang before I sealed it with mod podge. Super simple.

Here is the one "in progress" picture I took.

I cut out the paper "R" while I let the painted "R" dry. I think it looks more finished if you paint the entire thing, including the back. Notice how I laid newspaper around to protect my counters and worked just off to the side of it lol

The hardest part of this project was waiting for every thing to dry between each step. Total time to finish, including drying time..about 45 minutes. Less than an hour, it goes fast!

Now I just have to go buy the towels today. I better hurry since the shower is this Saturday. Eek! I hope they have enough in stock. :S

A quick Funny-4-U-but-not-4-me: As I typed this out, I was letting Cutecumber bush my hair with her doll brush. I just noticed my hair is a little wet and she's apparently been dipping the comb in the dog dish. Nice.


  1. Wonderful idea I think she will love it!

  2. I like it!

    Ew about the dog water!! But funny!


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