Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Trick or Treat!

Is it just me, or is Halloween a dying holiday? Remember when your mom could drop you off at one end of the street and pick you up at the other end and you would already have 1/2 your bucket full? I really had to drive around and find houses that matched my requirement list.

1. Had to be decorated for the holiday
2. Had to have the porch light on

The kids had a really good time. I did too, despite sneezing in between each word of every sentence I said through the night. We actually set out a bit early and made it home in time to pass out candy to our few trick or treaters. Ms. Thang really enjoys that part. She makes me proud too with her exaggerated statements about the kids costumes:

"Wow superman! Let me see your big muscles!" and "AHHH! You are so scary! I don't know if I can get close enough to give you any candy!"

Nice touches that bring big smiles. :)

Anyone get any weird items this year? A friend's children got old beanie babies and other small stuffed animals in their buckets. I think I would have busted out the hand sanitizer and Lysol spray, clouding up the van until everyone of us were coughing and gasping (that is how you know you sprayed enough) and then pitched them into the nearest dumpster. I am so strange about stuff like that. Cause if one of the kids got a homemade caramel apple, I would have been suspicious of poison and razorblades hiding deep within, concluding I better eat it to keep the kids safe lol.

Our strangest "treats" were Little Debbie snacks. Ms. Thang turned around and had a horrified look on her face. I was worried and asked her what they got. She told me about the Little Debbie brownies and I didn't think it was strange enough for such a big reaction but she is a teen and is notorious for having the wrong reactions. I give her a strange look and she says, "It's not the snacks mom!"
"Well, what is it?"
"The scientist!"
"He totally just embarrassed me!"
"What did he do?"

Apparently, my son told the lady it was a strange snack, and then proceeded to tell her that her house smelled like dog food.

Ms. Thang's reaction was wrong again and totally understated! I told the scientist to get in the van and explained that it was not nice to say things like that, especially in front of someone that is going out of their way to give you a treat!

"Why? It DID smell like dog food."

"What if that was their dinner you were smelling and you just told her that her delicious dinner, that she worked hard to make for her family, smells like dog food. That would hurt her feelings."

"It wasn't dinner. I KNOW it was dog food."

"Well don't tell people their house smells like dog food even if it does."


..you and I both know this could happen again don't we?

Happy Halloween. :)


  1. I agree... It's dying... Our neighborhood SUCKED! We walked 3 or 4 blocks and only about 10 houses gave out candy... Their bags that I hand made didn't even get half full!! Next year, I will take them to different churches and steal their candy! LOL JK.

    That's a funny story about the scientist! Isabel is like that and she says whats on her mind... but NOTHING like this one little girl that I was walking with at the Zoo when I went with Isabel and her class... That little girl pointed out EVERYTHING!! "Hey did you see that boy? He is walking and talking funny. " "Look at those old people in those wheel chairs. Why are they even here? THey aren't moving!" "Did you see how big that guy is!" OMG I was SO embarrassed the WHOLE TIME!

    I LOVE that pic of you and cutecumber! You look SO pretty!!

  2. Angel....I was at a friend's passing out candy, I had a bowl of Chili I was eating between kids coming up. One boy, Luke's age, came up and got his candy and said "I smell dog food" and they started walking away, he's still saying he smelled dogfood, over and over, I laughed and took a bite of Chili, the boy YELLED, "MOM, SHE'S EATING DOG FOOD!" I tried to tell him it was Chili, he wasn't buying it.... lol


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