Thursday, January 13, 2011

From diaper changes to laundry center

This is the diaper changing center:

Can't see it?

How about now?

I was changing her here most of the time anyway because the diaper changing area in the laundry room was constantly being piled up with laundry. So I moved everything to a drawer in my bedroom. I kind of stole this idea from my MIL who keeps a towel and diapers in a corner on her dresser, which is SO great cause I never have to bring a diaper bag to her house.

Oh yea, that's right, an entire changing table worth of space compacted into one single solitary drawer! In a small house, this is like..THE BEST IDEA I EVER HAD! Not to mention that the garbage can outside is just through the french doors opposite the dresser. No more smelly trash!

So what did I do with the area in the laundry room after losing that big bulky changing table? I made it into a laundry folding station. Quite appropriate for the room don't ya think?

I was doing the folding on my bed and to be honest, if I slacked off, it ended up in laundry baskets at the foot of my bed because I would just be too tired to fold at the end of the night and want to crawl in bed so I just put them back in the baskets. :S
(see all those white plastic hangers..hate em now that I got the new hangers and I'm slowly swapping them out through the whole house. Know anyone that needs hangers?)

And below is the hamper that used to be right IN MY WAY all the time.

I already feel happier doing laundry. Not elation or anything, but I don't tense up in there and that's worth a million bucks (when actually I spent $35 for the table at Walmart and could have waited for a better deal but who wants to wait once a genius plan is unfolding? Plus I made most of that back selling the old changing table. :)

**note** do not leave the diaper creams unattended in a drawer where toddlers can reach it. Speaking from experience here.

**secondary note** Diaper cream comes out of couch cushions in the wash when pretreated with Shout and washed using Oxyclean, and homemade laundry soap.

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  1. I never had a changing table. I actually bought a pad and nice pottery barn chenille cover to go on the dresser. Very quickly I learned I often just changed the kids on the floor or couch, so it went back to being just a dresser with cute decorations. I kept all my diapers in a closet on a shelf. I am so happy to say that as of about 2 weeks ago we are officially diaper free.


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