Saturday, January 15, 2011

Thrifting again.

I love it when you go thrifting and the cashiers comment on how cute all your stuff is, or "I didn't even know we had that!"

I went out today and totally scored. I know, I always say that, but I always mean it!

My items from Helping Hands.

I've been looking for an office chair since I started the corner office make over. This chair is a Steelcase in excellent condition and really heavy duty. Apparently Steelcase is a well known brand and some vintage Steelcase chairs are sought after. Who knew!? I got the best one of the bunch. Look at those sparkly legs! I needed one without arms and although it looks more brown in this picture, I realized it was a color match to the "vines" in my bedroom artwork! I was initially looking for something in gray, blue, or chocolate brown, but this dark honey color is perfect and I hope it will keep the room from looking too matchy-matchy which is something I tend to do and Ms. Thang teases me for, even in my wardrobe. lol

4 wooden Christmas ornaments. I'm trying to go with traditional and well made, getting rid of the plastic and cheap (besides unbreakable plastic balls of course).

2 heart shaped bowls- It's almost Feb and they were cheap. My Valentine decor storage box still has lots of room left in it. 3 reasons I couldn't say no to. I might end up doing one of those tiered candlestick trays for candy and Valentine treats.

6 books
Fudge Mania and Ramona the Brave (For the scientist)
Simon the Pointer-Never heard of it
Marley and Me
White Fang- wolf book
Where the Red Fern Grows-Ms. Thang is really into dog books lately and recently finished "Where the Red Fern Grows" at school but wanted a copy of the book for her own. She also recently read "Sounder" and "Shiloh" which she bought with Christmas money. Made me proud!

I was sort of on the look out for Jane Eyre whom 2 of my friends are currently reading and made me want to pick up, but it wasn't there.

Camo set for the Scientist. Long sleeves and pants, and I don't think it's ever been worn because even the pulls at the bottoms of the pants are still pressed. He is going to LOVE it.
I also picked up 2 wooden letters which I've been collecting when they are cheap for craft projects and such.

3 NEW small laundry baskets. - One for each kid. Forget those mesh, brightly colored folding hampers. I have decided those things suck. I'm totally going OCD and labeling each one with the new label maker my Honey got for Christmas from my ILs. I can't stop using it! It's so fun.

1 new colander- here is to hoping it doesn't end up in the sand box like all my others.

2 new wall mounting teddy bear clips. I'm not exactly sure what I want to do with these yet. I'm probably going to take the bear off. They are like giant clothes pins. See..

It might be fun to mount these in the laundry room and clamp lost socks up until I find their mate.

Also got this small oval platter. Pretty, simple, great for any occasion. Did a little googling and the pattern is called Opal Innocence. Found the same platter online here for $69!

And here is my shopping partner's haul:

Cutecumber is obsessed with candles and anytime we pass one in the store, she asks to smell them. She's honest if they stink too which I enjoy and have let her smell every candle scent at Walmart one boring afternoon. :P
So she was happy to get this toddler-made-wickless votive to smell to her hearts content. She wanted a holder for it so I let her chose one of the 1,000s available and she picked this cute little thing that simply says LIGHT. (even has a period and everything lol) It has holes all through it which might actually look pretty cool with a candle lit inside of it someday.

*I looked it up too (can you tell I love to do that?) and it's Rae Dunn . She has some really pretty things, all natural white and a rustic/handmade feel to them. Originally this votive was a set of 3 for $30 so I guess you could say this one is worth $10! Good eye Cutecumber!

She also got a mini princess lunchbox and her candle fits in there very well. She is just outside of the photo there, anxiously waiting to have it all back. lol

I paid $8 for everything (including the chair!), and can I just say that I love the man that works the registers most Saturdays? He is always so friendly. As I laid the army camos (seriously like new) on the counter, I mentioned that my son was going to "live" in them once I got them home. "Oh I bet!" he said, and told me that he owned a pair from when he served our country and still enjoyed wearing them. I thanked him for his service and said, "Well, you SHOULD be proud to wear them." "I sure AM!" he said and rang up my items with a smile. It's such a different type of shopping experience at Helping Hands. You have to dig a bit, but it's well worth it. Every little old lady stops and talks to Cutecumber. "Oh you have a candle? You already know what a woman wants don't you pretty girl?"
Of course Cutecumber clutches her little scented candle to her chest in complete terror and fear at the wrinkled hands that reach out to pat her head, but they never seem to care. Cutecumber always warms up and waves to them once I put a little distance between us, showing them her candle as we pass again on the next aisle. lol

I love to go, take my time, and visit with anyone that needs it. Sometimes I learn a thing or two. I saw a wooden sock darner once and thought it was a broken maraca.LOL A man saw me turning it over in my hands and asked if I knew what it was, telling me all about it. I bet I looked so silly to him, shaking it and listening for that maraca rattle. lol I almost bought it, but a little girl had leaned in to listen and though it was pretty cool as well. I took the hint, laid it back down and sure enough, she nabbed it and went running to her mom. :)

I highly suggest checking the place out if you're local and haven't gone before. It's the little room in the back that I love the most, so don't miss it! I enjoy looking at all the kitchen utensils and figuring out what all of them are. There are great plates and bowls for this project and today I even saw a cheese plate for this project. They also have lots of linens which make cheap fabric or pillow case dresses, quite an array of furniture and suitcases too. Google image "suitcase crafts" and get inspired.


  1. What a cute blog~!! :) My friend Crystal told me about it. I *love* Helping Hands. We always get a ton of their day-old breads and cakes and such... and Ding Dongs and Twinkies for DH if they have any that day. ;)
    I'm your newest follower!

    -Jenn at Jenn's RAQ :)

  2. What a cool shoppe!!! I love how you are always able to have fun and find great deals.

  3. I'll visit one day and go with you!!

    GREAT buys!!

  4. Wow! You made out like a serious bandit! I love the giant clothespins and I picture them being adhered to my kids' bedroom walls with their fuzzy bathrobes hanging from them!

  5. Jenn- Yay a new follower! Any friend of Crystals is a friend of mine and anyone that loves HH is an even better friend than I could hope for lol

    Blondie- Thanks, wish we could go together and you could shop away some stress!

    Crystal- You better!

    Katertot- That sounds like an EXCELLENT idea! I tried to pull off the bear heads and they were being pretty resistant, but I may have to try decapitating them again in the name of cute robe hangers.


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