Monday, February 7, 2011

Happy V-day from the Scientist

This year for his class Valentines, I am printing out this photo and sliding a real pixie stick in his hands thanks to precise cuts from an Xacto knife. (I used a digital one here for effect lol)

In the brick I plan to write who it is for with a sharpie. I think it will go over pretty well! (btw, this was picture 2 of 4. Not bad!) It's a spin on THIS idea.

**Update** here is a photo of the real deal hanging on my refrigerator. This one in particular is for Ms. Thang's bff who is also the scientists proclaimed love, or as he calls her, his wifey. lol


  1. OH!!! I saw that link once.... Did you post it before... Those are my plans for Isabel's Valentines!! You reminded me, I better get to work!!


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