Wednesday, February 9, 2011

One down, one to go.

I finished one of the comforters for the girls room. This one is Cutecumbers. (sorry for the poor lighting but it's cold and I don't want to do one outside)

Here is a better shot of the fabrics:

Not the cutest out there, but the cutest in my colors and price range. ;)

I'm pretty happy with it. It's FAR from perfect, but it's a custom quilt for super cheap. Here is a little numbered break down of what's going on and how I did it.

1. This fabric is actually a thick curtain that I got awhile back on something like Craigslist. I got 4 of them and plan to use two as actual curtains in the room and then one cut and used on each of the quilts. There are two solid bands of this fabric on the quilt and a few squares of it here and there also. Doing the solid bands cut my "quilting time" in half.

2. My squares do not match up perfectly, but imperfect means "made with love" in my book. I want to add the yarn ties to it, but with the squares being off, I'm having a difficult time deciding where they should go because normally they go wear the corners all meet. I'm thinking white or black yarn.

3. I got the teal (its more green than it looks in the photo) flannel for the backing in a section of bolts for $5 in Walmart and there is enough on the ONE bolt to do both quilts. The other fabric was in the bin of scraps or on serious discount.

I am too cheap to buy batting so I used these blankets from Walmart on sale for $7 each and cut them to fit inside. Here is a quick tutorial on how I did it.

It has a really nice weight to it. (I would NOT suggest getting these blankets for anything other than and under blanket because they pull apart and leave gaps and there are strange discolored areas too fyi.) Then I just sewed it all up, turned it right side out and sewed around it again for a little added support. Hard to see here, but this is a close up of #3 in the picture above and shows the border.

I made it a little on the small side because bunk beds are a pain to make, especially if the comforter is large. I cut about a foot off along the edge of the Scientists comforter and sewed it shut for a better fit. Now if I can just do this again for Ms. Thang. Hers has the same fabrics, but she is adding zebra print to the mix of course and I'm going heavy with it. :)


  1. This is going to look FANTASTIC in their room! I really like how all of the squares are not precisely placed. I think it gives the entire quilt great character.

    I vote for black yarn. :)

  2. i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it! hehe i made a quilt for my nephew and they didn't match either and it was such a pain i just kept it for dub and made him something else. now i'm never getting rid of it because it's so special. nothing close to as great as this beautiful piece is but i still love it!

  3. Thanks girls! I really want to go with black too Katie, but that is the only color I don't have on hand. You might have just pushed me to go ahead and buy some.

    Crystal, there is just something so special about handmade, but you know I'm going to freak out the second something gets on one lol

  4. Hey did you sew the finished square top and the bottom onto the store bought blanket or did you just shove the blanket inside??

    I think it looks GREAT!! And I can't wait to see the girls room complete..

    I never think to hand make these things but I can't find a comforter for the girls!! I'm going to make one!! Thanks!!!

  5. Go for it Crystal! I sewed it together on 3 sides with the white blanket layer on bottom, the quilt piece (right side up) in the center, and the blue flannel on top(right side down onto the right side of the quilted piece) Then I just turned it right side out and sewed the top closed. I left the "ugly" edge for the top because it will be covered up by the pillow or folded down the most. I hope that makes sense. It really doesnt hang loose, but the tied yarn will help keep it all in place.

  6. Can you make a tutorial with the next blanket? A picture for every step? LOL I'm very visual.... :(

  7. Well.... Just at the point when you sew in the store bought blanket... :D

  8. I added a quick tutorial just for you :)

  9. I love it! I can't wait to see the next one!

    I'll have to take a picture of the quilt I'm making for Sean, it avoids the whole issue of squares matching up.


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