Sunday, February 6, 2011

Merging ideas

Right now I basically have a blank canvas for the girls room make over. Their beds are being replaced by this:

(walmart for $170 right now)

Furniture wise, that leaves the tall white dresser with a TV on top. Like I said, blank canvas.
Cutecumber is a bit young to have much say in anything. Ms. Thang has a few requests.

Turquoise and red
zebra print
mirrored closet doors

When I picture turquoise and red, zebra print is not what I had in mind. I saw something more like this:

She sees something like this:

I know my idea is a little on the younger side, and I guess I represented Cutecumber more to compensate for Ms. Thang and her loud teen design. I already allowed our den to be a bit on the loud side and I let Ms. Thang have a lot of say in there since it is really more of a playroom and I wanted it to be fun. I don't think I can handle two rooms like that lol. I am hoping to meet somewhere in the middle for the girl's room. These are a few other photos I have saved with the turquoise/red theme to draw ideas from:
More me:

More her:

I've decided that adding a bit of black will probably anchor the design and keep it from looking too babyish. I'm thinking something in a damask more than a zebra, but we'll see lol. I plan on making quilt type comforters (in stripes like the photo titled "More me" above) and letting the girls pick some of their own fabrics to personalize it, but all in coordinating colors.

I already have some curtains I think will work. I hope it all comes together. :S


  1. Angel, with your talent, how could it NOT come together? I can't wait to see the transformation!

  2. I agree, everything you do always looks awesome. I like all the pictures you posted. I would maybe go more subtle with the bedding but maybe do some zebra pillows or something small like a zebra print ribbon on a lampshade so she gets the effect without it being overpowering.

  3. Yea! what they said! youre awesome!!


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