Wednesday, March 2, 2011

It's a Wonderful Life

Today was my 33rd birthday and I had a great one!

I got so many phone calls, cards, well wishes on FB and such, I just feel so loved and blessed!

Ms. Thang had a handmade card set out for me when I woke up which she had signed by each of the kids. Adorable and a sweet surprise.

I got She and Him Volume II. - loving it!

I also scored an iphone 3g from my Honey!! Get ready for more pictures and video (if I can figure out how to load it on blogger). I've been thinking of doing photos of my actual thrift shopping trips since a friend of mine asked how I found the items I do and it was brought up that maybe I have nicer stores than other areas (doubt it) or I am willing to dig through complete filth fairly often (pretty sure that's the one) lol

I am having so much fun with the phone already. I made a joke about giving my old pink razr to Cutecumber as her first cell someday and realized she'll probably be like, "Mom! That is sooo old and embarrassing! I think this scratch on the side is from a T-rex!"

I remember bragging to my jr high friends when I got the 3-way calling feature, and that was on our single line shared by my entire family! lol

One day Ms. Thang asked me why we say the telephone "rings" when it doesn't actually ring. Fast forward 20 yrs and I'll be forced to tell the grandkids about phones that rang and and playing cassette tapes on a thing called a stereo that was bigger than 50 pocket cars put together. :P

But lets not get ahead of ourselves. I'm only 3 years into my 30s, but I'm loving this stage of my life.

Thanks again to all the friends and family that helped make this such a wonderful day! <3


  1. I am so glad you had a good birthday, you deserve it!

  2. Now that you have your iPhone, you need to occupy me by playing Words With Friends with us. :)

    Your hair is so long! Love it!


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