Saturday, February 5, 2011

Fun before and afters!

I think these are my favorite kinds of posts :)

First, remember that I redid my bedroom

but I failed to show you the desk area because my monitor went out and then the temporary replacement monitor took up all of the new desk. Well we got a new monitor for $60 (sweet) so here is the improved corner desk area:

To cover up the cords (except at the bottom of the desk but seriously you never see it really) I used this foam stuff you use to keep pipes warm in winter (it's already slit up the back) and then I just covered it in wrapping paper turned over to the white side. Sort of silly but it worked! I am still loving my galvanized organizer from Goodwill and chair from Helping Hands.

And a before and after shot

I feel like it went from it's 20s to 30s. I little more grown up, a little more defined. I will take the time to show you a closer look at all the little changed details sometime but I have more to show you today in other areas.

You can see my fake out chunky baseboards! I stole the idea HERE from House of Smiths and I LOVE THEM (and her blog)! I still can't believe it only took $14 to do the whole bedroom, granted there are doors on 3 walls (2 on one wall) but still! Here is a better shot of those:

I also completed another project this week. We ripped out the carpet and put peel and stick tile in the Scientists room. This was supposed to be a cheap fix to make the room easier to clean and it is, but I am actually REALLY impressed with the stuff! They look and feel so realistic and went on in a few hours. It will be easy to recarpet over in the future if we choose. Here are a few photos. I've said it before but it is really hard to take a photo in here with the sun coming in that window.

(just a quick minute to note the little hand held mirror hanging on the Toy Story poster. The Scientist is working night and day to wiggle those few remaining baby teeth lol)

and the before and after shot:

The photo really doesn't do the flooring justice. I KNOW is just peel and stick, but it's so nice!

Since we had to take the doors off of his closet to do the floor, I went ahead and painted it inside and I'm thinking of just leaving the doors off since it opens up the small room a bit more.

I still need to put 2 small baseboard pieces on and paint the top half of the closet. I also want to add trim and frame it out, but what do you think? Should I leave it open or is it just showing off clutter? You can see a little bit of the blue robot I painted on that right corner. They really pop now with the new flooring. Remember this red guy?

Well here he is now.

(and I even replaced the face plate that the Scientist kindly screwed in so tightly it cracked. Such a little helper lol).

Next the girls are getting a major overhaul in their room. Stay tuned! :)


  1. I love your bedroom! I love the colors! I can NOT wait to get my house a beautiful as yours!!

    And you are so right, the floor make over looks great! Maybe we should just don't peel and stick for the girls room!? Where did you get them at?

  2. Thanks Crystal! I bought the tile @ Lowes and it was on sale, but normally priced @ 88cents a tile (sq. ft) and it was really easy to do. I'll let you know how it holds up, but so far it seems great and easy to clean. They even had peel and stick wood planks.
    Mine are the Armstrong 12" x 12" Terraza Natural Vinyl Tile and they look realistic and are even textured. They look a little golden in my photos, but they arent. If you compare it to the honey wood dresser in the red robot photo, you can tell they are more natural and a bit on the dark side. I am really impressed.

  3. You just need a utility knife to score them and then they break on that line. Also make sure your floor is CLEAN before you start and brush away anything on the floor as you lay each tile so it sticks well.


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