Saturday, March 12, 2011

Globe Turned Birdbath

Remember when I saved THIS globe from the dumpster and envisioned a birdbath? Well I finished it yesterday and couldn't be happier with the results!

Lets take a look at where we started:

First I removed the globe and bought a plastic planter base from Lowes for $10. I looked through all my little birds (I have a bazillion) and I picked out one because it was black and wouldn't need a base coat. He was actually attached to a candle stick (thrift shop for less than a dollar) and I just easily broke him off. Then I did a dry fit to see if I liked it. And I did :)

(ignore my backyard, it's a work in progress and I promise to do a post on that when it's all said and done)

Then I got a drill and in like 2 seconds I made a hole through the planter base and with a little waterproof epoxy, I reused the screw that held the globe onto the base and affixed the "basin" onto the stand.

Then using more epoxy, I just glued the little bird on top of the screw. Next I painted the entire thing black and then did a final coat with Rustoleums Oil Rubbed Bronze. As soon as I hit it with that stuff, I realized why the entire blog world raves about it so much. It really added so much depth and luxury. (Looks a little splotchy here cause I touched it up and it hadn't dried)

I also picked up an iron plant stand yesterday for $10 on Craigslist. It's really sturdy and the lady I got it from was just a sweetie. A base coat of Rustoleum flat black and a topcoat of ORB...

Here is how rusted it was before:

Add me to the ORB fan club. I am totally on board.

Two $10 projects. (I know I need plants mmk)

Oh, and I just tried filling it with water and although it IS waterproof, it isn't balanced at the moment, making the water all go to one side and tipping it over, SO.. until I add a weight to the bottom, I love my new birdFEEDER lol

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  1. The bird bath came out amazing, you definately are inspiring me to try more crafty projects.


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