Friday, March 11, 2011

Testing 123

I'm hoping to make some fun Thrift Shop Videos soon and needed to test out the feature on my phone and how to upload it all to photobucket and then transfer to here. I'm sharing the quick test video with you. Nothing special, but I'm going through the trouble of uploading it so why not share it.
I took it today while waiting for Ms. Thang to get out of school. I know I park far from her actual school, but this allows the Scientist to have a little area to get out and play, and she gets to enjoy a walk/talk with her friends on the way to my van.

In this short clip, the Scientist started talking before I hit play. So to recap the missed beginning, He reconstructs a little rock sculpture/castle everyday near a tree and he tried covering it with a box he found nearby to prevent others from knocking it down, but it didn't work. This is where the video starts...

The Sculpture (featuring the Scientist and a guest appearance by Cutecumber in her annoying scream phase)

(In one part he whispers to stop the movie but denies it.. no idea why) lol


  1. :) LOVE IT! Cutecumber sounds like Maddie!!! I love that they are the same age! Wish we lived closer! The Scientist is SOOOO cute!! He's gonna be a little hunk when he's older! LOL

  2. How cute is the Scientist with his missing teeth!? I can't get over how tolerant he is of his little sister!

    I love how Cutecumber stops screaming everytime you put the camera on her!

  3. I love your kids, both are too cute. I love this age with our 6 almost 7 year olds and all the fun things they think of. And the screaming and cute smile is just too precious. It was fun to hear your voice and your southern accent.


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