Friday, March 4, 2011

Too Far?

I totally just picked up a broken globe from the Goodwill trash pile in the back of the store near the dumpsters. I was there dropping off a bunch of items that have been in my kitchen, waiting to go for a couple of weeks (yay I can see my floor again!). You have to drop off items in the back, and that is when I noticed it poking its big round head up over some disgusting (and I mean disgusting) stacks of mattresses near the dumpsters where they throw all the broken and non-sell-able items. It's tall and on a stand that looks like a lamp post. One side of the globe is crushed in and it's separated at the equator. I am hoping it will be a great base for a bird bath idea I've been toying with. As I placed it in the back of my van, one passerby slowed down to watch me.

A few thoughts went through my mind.

1. She's gonna call the cops!- I mean, it was definitely thrown out, but still, I was behind a store digging in their trash. It looked (and felt) rather shady!

2. She thinks I'm disgusting. -Hello, I just picked up something that Goodwill didn't even want. Sure it's off to the side, but it was technically amid yellow stained mattresses. Even I had to avert my eyes. Katie would have crapped her pants.

Oddly, when I glanced up at her like a doe in headlights, I realized she wasn't thinking either of those things, as her eyes were fixated on the broken headboard leaning against one of the dumpsters. That's right, she was looking for goods too! She waited until I was pulling out of the parking lot and circled back around to load it. lol

Wanna see what I ventured onto the wild side for?

You can see the bird bath too right?
Unscrew the top from the stand, add a large bowl-ish something to the top. E-6000 a little ceramic bird on the lip of the basin (you know I have a few to choose from!) and spray the whole thing with spray paint. (I'm thinking black with a coat of this Oil Rubbed Bronze (orb) stuff the blog world is always raving about) and then waterproof sealant. Wa-la! Bird bath...I hope. :)

**Looking for basin ideas, I came across quite a few people making them by using giant leaves to make molds in sand. LOVE IT! Too bad West Texas is basically leaf-less. :(

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