Friday, March 4, 2011

A play to remember

Ms. Thang was in her first play yesterday for her Speech and Drama class and it was a competition with all the local Jr. high schools! Talk about pressure. She must have gotten the bravery from her father because I'd run, hide and puke at the thought. Heck, I almost did all three of those when I had to drop her off at the High School amid a group of High School BOYS because the competition took place there! I have to wait until Thursday to see her performance since they are doing a special one for the parents.

Apparently, I'm fortunate to have to wait for this second showing (and added practice time)because they totally bombed the competition. Something about a failed light cue and an awkward moment of silence before they improvised by skipping an important part of the story and coming back to it later when it didn't make sense. I wish I could have witnessed that lol.

Ms. Thang has been practicing her lines at home and my other kids have really enjoyed acting out other parts in the play to help her along. Last night Ms. Thang was repeatedly coming out of the bathroom pretending to have seen a ghost but kept bursting out into a fit of laughter before she could say more than 2 words. I don't know why she was doing this, it had nothing to do with her role in the play, but I was the poor fool who had to sit outside the door and watch her come out at least 30 times, blaming me for her laughter because I was looking at her wrong. :S

As you can imagine, the fake screams and non stop giggling got the attention of my two little ones and soon they were all taking turns running out of the bathroom, "acting" like they saw a ghost. Even, little Cutecumber would come out and say, "Ghost in there!" and faint away onto the floor, easing down onto her knees, rolling over and then slowly lowering her head to the carpet so she wouldn't hurt herself creating the longest faint-fall in history. lol They did this for a good hour. I'd give them a scene "Someone stole your bike- Action!" and they'd try and make it believable, bursting through the door, weeping into their hands or beating up imaginary bike thieves.

I'm still not used to having the video feature on my phone and forgot to capture the moment, but I'm putting it here and hope to remember it forever. It was a fun night. :)


  1. I'm giggling at the visual of Cutecumber's fake fall! Wish I could've seen it! :)

  2. The fake fall must have been so adorable!


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