Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Not so aPEELing Makeover

Although I do love a good makeover, not all of them are my idea.

I thought this was a sign that the Scientist needed a book to read in the bathroom to cure his boredom, but when I asked him about it I was told that he had always hated the paint job.

**Note to any kids reading this, when you do something naughty, don't diss mommy's taste in decor or you're basically asking for a life sentence.**

Sooo, the dresser project is pushed back and the bathroom is getting a new paint job. I can't repair it because I used different shades of blue that I self-mixed and have none of it left. Honey wants me to go with green. I'm leaning towards yellow. I always tend to paint according to the season, so either way it looks like the kids bathroom will be Spring-y. I plan on freshening up a few things while I'm in there:

*Paint obviously.

*I want a peg style towel holder so I can hang all three of the kids towels easier/neater than I can on the small bar style towel holder we currently have.

*New cabinet/shelf over the toilet cause the one we have has seen better days (like ones where it wasn't stained with neon colored toothpaste or worn down to the "high dollar" pressed cardboard in spots)

*Accessories like new hand towels, rug, soap dispenser, and wall art etc...

I've got $100 budget but I'm aiming for $50.


  1. Well, I commend him for:

    1. Being honest
    2. Rather than complaining about something he didn't ilke, he did something about it! No one likes a whiner!
    3. Taking his life sentence like a man

  2. Can't wait to see when you are done!


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