Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bathroom and Dresser....DONE!

Well, I finished the bathroom and I have to admit I was sad to see the old paint go. I really like the grid on the back wall.

But apparently, the Scientist didn't.

So, my first priority in here was to paint. Honey wanted me to go with something green and I wanted yellow. I opted to go with something in-between, and to be honest, I was not happy with it on the walls at all. I'm still not in love with it. I went with the citrus-y feel it had and this is what I came up with...

It's not photoing in it's true "neon celery" state. It's a lot brighter than I wanted but I rolled with it. The kids are really loving the bright colors. I do, however, love the new storage shelf above the toilet, which was goal #2 in here. The old one went to the floor and this one leaves things a lot more open and roomy. I spent more on it than I should have (Better Homes and Gardens @ Walmart for $55 but I did use a $25 gift card) and even spent a little more to get cute knobs (just like these but smaller and green) from Hobby Lobby, which I had to hit with some silver paint because the aged look wasn't working in here.

Cute, and my Honey even commented, saying they added a lot.

For art, I sprayed 3 Dollar Tree frames in white, added 3 Dollar Tree mattes in white (2 for a $1) and printed out a few of my favorite pieces by Shirley Novak.

I thought of these as soon as I knew I wanted to go with a "citrus" color pallet. I really want a larger framed print. (hint hint..Mother's Day).

Another problem I needed to address was the towel bar, which was unable to conveniently hang 3 towels. So I used some scrap wood from the garage, 3 left over hooks from the Target dollar section (used one for this) and some white paint (on hand) to come up with this:

I LOVE this. I got the towels at Target and decided to assign each kid a color. They have their own towel and their own matching washrag. I also got the matching hand-towels and put them in a basket for a little functional pop of color. (I added the brown because I was too lazy to repaint the mirror above the sink).

When your bathroom is this small, most of it needs to be functional to avoid clutter. I got the brown bath mat @ Family Dollar and I also got the basket there for $4. (little basket for hairbows and candle on the shelf, I had already) I could have found a basket cheaper at a thrift shop, but not with a liner and my sewing skills are not that great. I did check the Salvation Army today though and did not find one, but I did score MAJORLY in the Target Room.

These 3 items (new) for $5 TOTAL!!! I had just looked at that same lamp while shopping for towels and about had a heart attack when I saw it in there for $5.99. (it was the only one with a lamp shade and they were all marked 9.99??) and I also got the stepping stool (1.99) and the soap pump(.99) and just when I thought I was having a good day, the lady said my total was $5.

"$5, I asked?"

"The lamp and the stool are half off today."

This happened to me before when we bought the Scientist a new TV. I will never figure out their sales, but I AM NOT COMPLAINING!

So, I used the soap dispenser and the stepping stool in the bathroom, and put the lamp in the girls room (more on that in a bit) but first, lets do some fun before and afters.

If you want to see how the bathroom looked when we first bought it, check out this post, but I'm going to show 3 stages.
1. Basically when we first moved in.
2. After the big remodel when I was pregnant with Cutecumber, (and the need for more space was eminent)
3. Today :)

Look at how much more room we have in #3 vs #1!

I totally miss the blue, but I'll live. And what was I thinking with that giraffe?! lol

Replacing the tub with a shower was such a great idea, and I LOVE my new towel rack!!!

Now, if you are still with me, I have one more thing to show you in the girls room. I had to push back the dresser re-do because of the bathroom, but while I was at Hobby Lobby, they had their vinyl decals half off (regularly 9.99 for mine) Plus I had a handy dandy 40% off coupon (thanks Katie) and so I thought..why not!


It was a little tricky cutting them for the drawers and keeping it all lined up, but not too bad. The girls love it, I love it, and I didn't have to paint anything so I EXTRA love it.

Bathroom and dresser.. DONE!

**ps, Did you notice that one of the frames in the bathroom has a larger mat than the others? I didn't until I posted the pictures and now it's probably going to drive me NUTS**


  1. Wow I think the bathroom looks awesome. I think a bathroom is one room you can get away with bolder colors.
    I love the idea for the dressers, looks great and so much easier than painting.

  2. WAY TO GO!

    I LOVE IT! The bathroom looks so fresh!

    Major score on the decals. That dresser looks one of a kind and wonderful! The lamp looks good in there too!


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