Friday, March 11, 2011

True Housewife Confessions

On the way to drop of the kids at school this morning, I was fighting the urge to come home angry and tell Honey that since I surprised him with a clean backyard yesterday, AND found a cheap iphone on craiglist for him, AND let him set it up during our entire dinner at Texas Roadhouse last night, AND watched a movie alone while he played on it for hours, that he should have let me sleep in and taken the kids to school.

Fighting the urge didn't help and I made him feel like doo-doo before he went to work.

Cutecumber and I went back to sleep after dropping off the kids. It was a busy day yesterday.

Cutecumber is carrying around a pair of my underwear (clean) as a blanket and I'm letting her. YES a blanket.

Today I have to drop off Ms. Thang at a new friends house and meet her mother who I know is about 10yrs older than me and requested that we meet because her daughter can't go unless her mother approves of her friends mother. I like her style but EEK I'm nervous and have a zit on the end of my nose that makes me look like Rudolf. The whole thing is giving me diarrhea. TMI? Yeah, I tend to do that..see why I'm worried!?

I've been threatening Ms. Thang all week about it, saying I'm going to "wear a Twilight tank top and daisy dukes, hollerin' at the woman from the van cause I have my litter with me and can't risk leaving them in the vehicle alone anymore since I already have 2 strikes with the poe-leese".

Today, after school, is officially the start of SPRING BREAK! I am promising myself to do something fun with the kids and enjoy it.


  1. Bwahaha totally laughing at the undies thing. My 17 month old loves wearing underwear as a necklace or as a hat (it just depends on the ginormity of them... if it's my granny panties, it's an automatic necklace. Big brother's underoos are a hat).

    Good luck with the mommy approval. haha I'm sure it'll be fine!

  2. Angel, you are too funny!

    From the moment Lewis got his iPhone (they are $49 at AT&T) he's has been playing on it NON stop! It bugs me SO MUCH! And I have to get on him about it sometimes... :( I feel bad but I want some of his attention... Ya know?

    Did I miss your post about Your Honey's reaction to the back yard surprise?

    I'm ALWAYS nervous about meeting friend's parents! I would be having all your TMIs too... LOL



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