Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What did I buy?

Do you know what this is?

Well I found a brand new yellow one sitting on the shelf at Goodwill and had no idea what it was either. The little cup fits down inside but upside down? When I turned it over it said
Hmm...I bought it for a dollar and decided I'd find out. Apparently, you put a softened stick of butter in the little cup, fill the larger canister with enough water to cover the lip of the butter cup when it's turned upside down inside of it, creating a seal so that you can have room temperature butter out on the table for up to 30 days. Uh.. COOL! Here is a video explaining it more. They cost $20 so I'd say mine is a score. It looks just like this one.

I still don't know what this little bird actually is. (cant find my cam so using my phone)

If you look closely there is a tiny hole on top, and lots of little holes on the bottom. It reminds me of a plant waterer or air freshener?

Hmm....Any ideas?

Sorry for the lack of content lately but I've been busy. Tomorrow something WONDERFUL is happening though! I have a huge embarrassing junk pile in my backyard. It was actually there when we moved in, but after remodeling a few rooms, and cutting down a tree, we added quite a bit to it. Honey works hard to make time for projects but making time for the clean up is even harder. I know it's always in the back of his mind and something he has been meaning to do. He thinks he is going to spend his entire vacation clearing it out, but actually I have someone coming to haul it all off tomorrow while he is at work! YAY! I can't wait to surprise him with this, and it's been so hard keeping the secret. Here is a tiny picture of my big embarrassment:

If you must, click HERE for a larger picture so you can carefully inspect it and make fun of me forever :( dishwasher went out. I guess it's true what they say, "Every time you buy a new appliance, another one goes out." -boo


  1. LOL! I love the "As If" You are too funny!!!

    That pile of junk is NOTHING!

    I LOVE that butter thing!! I will keep an eye out for one for me. We recently bought a butter thingy to always have butter at room temp... BUt I don't know how long I can keep it out... Ya know?

  2. I have seen those butter things, it would be nice to not have rock hard butter everytime you needed it.
    I wondered if it could be a pie bird? but I think the opening in the back would be too small for steam???

  3. Dena I had never heard of a pie bird. I can't decide if they are creepy or not, but I know I want one now! lol
    I think my bird is a little short but it's more likely than my guesses.


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