Sunday, April 10, 2011

What a bummer- Thrifting

Yesterday's thrifting adventure was a let down. I started off on a bad foot because the neighbors were out of town and their dog barked nonstop all night so I ended up with little sleep and a late start. I hit my first garage sale in a high income neighborhood. I've found that nicer neighborhoods have higher quality stuff and you can bargain down if you buy in multiples. Like 5 pair of gap jeans in great condition all marked $5 each, but if you buy them all, you can usually get that cut dramatically, and bring home all 5 for around $10-$15. Unfortunately that was not the case at this particular garage sale. I found a skirt with a stain that I thought I might bleach and dye for Ms. Thang. It was flowy and long with a lacy bottom in light blue that had a faded red koolaid-type stain about the size of an Oreo on the "butt cheek". Nothing was marked (which I hate) and I was thinking like $1, but she said $5. When I mentioned the stain, her response was "It's from Express, so $5 is a bargain." I put it back, pretended to look a minute more and then left. lol

The second garage sale just didn't have much left, but I did get some mini road cones for the scientist (4 for $.25) that I didn't take a picture of cause..well..they are plastic road cones. lol He's been living on his bike and I figured he could make a fun obstacle course with them.

I went to a few more and cruised by a ton, but most garage sales just had clothing left (this was at 9:30) and I wasn't finding ANYTHING, so I decided to give up on garage sales for the day and started my way over to Helping Hands since they open at 10:00. On the way I saw a fairly large sale in the old K-mart parking lot. I picked up these two items for $1 (50 each)

3 different ladies there asked me where I got the flowers and if I was going to buy them. That always makes me feel like I have good taste lol. I'm thinking of using them in THIS toy box caddy and painting/distressing it, for a spring centerpiece..maybe. It might be what I end up giving to my MIL as a hostess gift for Easter which was on my list of things to keep an eye out for, that I posted yesterday.
I really need to hop on some of these projects I have piling up in my overcrowded craft closet.

I ended up at Helping Hands right @ 10:00. I didn't have much luck there either, but I did get two things for $2 making them $1 each.

A new willow tree figurine (the center one pictured ) and I had been looking for one to represent Cutecumber since I had two that represent Ms. Thang and The Scientist. I think, although it's a bit older than her, it suits her pretty well.

The second thing I got was this lamp, which was also an item on my list yesterday.

After a spray paint job and a shade I have in the closet, I think it's going to look like it cost more than a dollar and hopefully something like this:

Next I went to the Habitat for Humanity store and found a dresser perfect for my living room:

I wanted it to take place of this:

But it was $95 and they were not budging. If it were in GREAT condition, I'd have bought it, but it has some deep scratches on top and a small crack along one side from being moved a lot. I'd want to replace the drawer pulls too, so factor in that cost...but MAN I am so tempted to go back and get it. The drawers were in perfect working condition and it's the perfect size. I might be there bright and early Tuesday (closed Monday) to get it. If I sold the little white table I have there now for $15-$20 then that would make it more like $80-$75. hmm...What do you guys think of it?

After talking to them about the price and them not wanting to budge cause it just came in, I was about to walk out the door when I noticed this little terracotta bunny on a shelf. $5 and he already had the perfect patina. Yard decor was also on my list!

In this photo, you really can't tell but it's fairly large, larger than a real bunny, more like the size
of a jack rabbit. He will look so cute nested in my flowerbed (once I have actual flowers) alongside my bird feeder.

With a couple more hours until lunch and PLENTY of room in my van cause I wasn't having any luck, I hit up Trade-a-rama.

Not even one thing and I hadn't been there in awhile. :(

Then I was off to the Salvation Army. This was my last stop since Honey was at home with cutecumber alone (cutecumber ONLY) since Ms. Thang was at her dad's and the Scientist was at a sleepover and he had already called me several times, pretending to miss me and get clues as to when I would be home. MEN!

I still didn't have much luck, but I did get these metallic 3d flower art pieces (girls room decor, another item on my list) for $9.99 originally $19.99 in the Target clearance section at the Salvation Army.

I wish I could show you a better photo, but I can't find them online. So until I have them up, this is as good as it gets. Btw, there was only one missing of the 21 piece set. :)

They also had two little round end tables perfect for a bedside table in the girls room, and although every other table was marked (fairprices and clearly) these two were not. I got someone to price them for me and one was apparently an antique and they wanted $99, the other for $45. Way too high for the tiny little table that had a hole in the top (for an old lamp?) and was in dire need of a new finish. Bah.

I didn't even spend $20 on this thrifting trip and I had my heart set on some big ticket items. Drat! Sometimes even the Thrifting Queen has her off days lol. Also, I left the house with a completely dead phone and didn't realize it until I was at Helping Hands when I tried to get some pictures. I charged it a bit in the van before I went to the HH Restore, but it was still too low for video. Maybe next time!


  1. Red Kool-aide stain on the skirt?? by the butt? LOL kool-aid would NOT have been my first guess!! LOL

    I need to save up some $$ and go thrift shopping!!

  2. You're going to scar Katie for life LOL

  3. I think you got some amazing things. Do you think you could wait it out for the table. It would be nice to ask them to call you if they are going to lower the price. I think it would be awesome with your touch.

  4. Oh my gosh, I totally saw you at the garage sale on Sunburst. I thought you looked familiar, but I didn't want to be like "OH MY GOSH I KNOW YOU BECAUSE I HAVE BEEN LOOKING AT YOUR BLOG BUT HEY I'M NOT A STALKER SO HEY.... COME BACK HERE!!.. WHAT DID I SAY!? WHY ARE YOU RUNNING FROM ME?!"

  5. I think that is where I got the road cones right? You were working it or just there too? Cause if you were working it, I remember one chick saying my cones would be a million dollars (lol) and something about using them to decorate a kids room. Fun girls :)

  6. yep, million $ girl... that was me!

    It was our Moms Club fundraising garage sale :)


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