Thursday, January 24, 2013

Coffee Table

So after seeing that black ottoman in my last post I knew I had to replace it with a real table.

 It's just been really hard to find one low and small enough to fit in the strange little space of my sectional.

Found this table on Craigslist for $15.

Although I had my heart set on something a little more dainty and perhaps a pedestal bottom to make it easier to move around, the slatted top and legs (there is a round medallion at the bottom of each leg that matches the medallion on my fireplace mantel exactly) plus the extra storage of a drawer, helped me be a little more open minded. Not to mention it was solid wood for $15.

I knew I wanted to paint it white. The Fireplace is on the right of this photo, across from the sectional, and I needed something weighty and white to balance it out.

After an ungodly amount of time (no kids..took advantage of it) looking at handles and knobs in Lowes (Hob-lob was closed and I wanted it NOW) I decided on a really simple brushed nickel piece.

Once I got it painted and in the room, it was like a huge sea of whiteness. I needed some coffee table decor. I hit up Pinterest and by accident I came across this photo of a Hermes tray. I had never heard of a Hermes tray before, but I was IN LOVE!

Until I saw that they range from $300 (knock offs) to $6000. Yes you read that right. And why is it so expensive? Because I love it that's why. So yeah, I'll never have one, but I was still inspired by the color. Again, I looked at thrift shops and craigslist for a round tray, and although I could have bought one online or something, I have a limited budget and I wanted it NOW. So I hit up Goodwill and this was seriously the only tray they had.

Definitely not what I was looking for, but I bought it for under $1. Accessorizing it is still not quite where I want it, but I've saved a few things on pinterest and I've got a few ideas in mind, just need to find them at the right price :) but for now....

 I was really lazy and just painted the whole thing orange, then used the side of my paintbrush to rub off paint along the edges to let some of the navy blue shine through for a more rustic look. Not quite the black and orange beauty of Hermes, but cute anyway.

and with the table...Ta-da!
There is more room around the table than the picture lets on, but for $19 (table=$15, tray & new handle=$4) and some paint..I'll take it. I really love it with all the poppy prints I have in there. It helps with balancing out the fireplace which I wanted.

Now if I can just get my Honey to make that cornice board with crown moulding for the window. I have high hopes because income tax is coming, then my birthday..then Mother's day, oh and Valentines Day before all that. Skip the jewelery honey, just give me a cornice board lol

Like this:

Now for those before and afters...

Oh, one last thing, the succulents on the coffee table, totally fake (pulled them out of another pot I had in the garage and stuck them in that yellow ramekin I got from the kitchen) so don't worry. No plants will be harmed in this decor decision even though I can't keep a plant alive for more than a week. :/

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