Thursday, January 17, 2013


After looking at a million blogs and their well staged photos of perfection, I thought I'd give those that are reading today a little dose of MY reality.

So here it goes...
 This is the current status of my living room. My dog/kids and I play a game. They throw the pillows around and I pick them up. Repeat 50 times a day!
The dresses are on loan for Ms. Thangs upcoming formal dance. I literally have no place to hang them so they've been laying here for 3 days. (btw the top dress in rainbow animal print..hideous!)

Now this is my counter basically every day. I heard somewhere if you respect your money, you'll end up with more of it. That's my purse with half my money falling out. :/ The empty tray was this grand idea of mine to have a veggie tray out at every meal and THIS tray would be so easy to wrap each section with saran and refill and clean each section without having to remove all the left over veggies. HA! It was a pain in my butt! A plate and small bowl work better. I get a sheet every month for box tops and they will not accept them unless they are glued to said paper. I hate it. I can never find the glue (along with tweezers, scissors, and a working pen). Homework from the night before is here too. Do you know the capital of the Bahamas? I do. I remember because going there would kick nASSau! That's right, I allow cursing in my teenagers homework phonetics. It works for me.

More homework and you may have noticed a trend in our family of half empty water bottles. We are so healthy like that...which might bring you to question the fork in the empty cake plate. Lets just say I've quit smoking and found another fun past time. Are my kids the only ones that won't drink anything without a straw?

 Cookies (again, I've quit smoking!) which goes so well with the tape measure. (my head is only 2 inches wider than the Scientists).
The empty week planner may allude you to believe I am not busy, however I'm just so busy I dont have time to fill it out ok!? (that could have been a lie)
My finished project is actually craft paper in a quatrefoil gray cut to fit in my clear plastic mail file. Cant tell in the picture, but it actually looks super cute. The unfinished is the stool I bought for my closet to reach the high stuff. The quatrefoil paper was actually supposed to go on the stool but I messed up and since I didnt want to waste it, I stuck it in the file. The stool is there because Cutecumber stands and watches me every second of every day.

 Here is a bookshelf in the den. The metal feathers were christmas ornaments at Target for 70% after the holidays and I thought they would be perfect to add along side the resent bird pics I painted (representing my family) but I want to paint them before I put them up (currently gold). They have been sitting there for 2 weeks.
The lotion and hair accessories are actually a part of my favorite past time. Beauty Shop. I practically fall asleep while Cutecumber adds an inch thick layer of lotion to my feet, legs, hands and arms, topping it all off with a fancy hair do that she always tells me to leave in and somehow I always accidently forget and throw it in a ponytail before I head out. ;)

 Here is the worst of it. The kids bathroom. It looks like this everyday, all the time, with the exception of guests coming over.
The black thing is a foaming soap dispenser. My Honey was sick of going into that bathroom and finding the soap empty, knowing the kids were not using soap when washing their hands. This was the solution. I'm soooo happy! Cause I love the pile of foam it leaves on the floor and it's right above the toilet paper too! Great plan! ....I hate it. It WILL break soon. I'll make sure of that.

Well there you go. TMI about the everyday junk laying around my house. I hope it makes you feel a little better about not having a photo perfect house all the time. And really, I'm glad I got it up here on the ol' blog. I hear I'll miss all the kid messes one day. :)

*No way in hell was I going to show you my kids rooms, sink, or laundry room! :P


  1. HAHAHAHA!! my house is way worse...

  2. Oh my sweet Angel..... if only I were brave enough to post pictures of my house..... if only.... nope, not enough vodka could get me to post the pictures of this mess. Your house is amazingly clean compared to mine... you MUST have someone doing all of it for you... LOL ;) Trust me when I say It could be worse. Enjoy your family....


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