Sunday, February 13, 2011

Is Spring really in the air?

These are a few of the things I am really lovin' in my house right now and as I uploaded the photos, I realized they represent Spring. I am SO ready for SPRING!

Here are some tulips Honey bought me for absolutely no reason other than the simple fact he loves me.

They came at the end of a very hard day and a friend told me that means he is just very in tune to me. I loved that and I think they are so cheerful in that bright sunny yellow shade. They demand your attention and force you to smile.

And here is a shot of them from the other side of the room, showing that my bundt wall is finally complete thanks to a garage sale gift from my Grandma K.

Also on the list of things that make me smile are a couple of tiny birds I've recently found at thrift shops. I showed you a cute little blue guy earlier today, that I found yesterday, and then there is this little red bird I found a few weeks ago.

I set him atop a LIVE sign I also found at a thrift shop, and liked it so much, I glued him there.

Are any signs of Spring popping up around your house yet?


  1. I just realized how immature my cherry key chain is.

  2. That red bird on top of the Live sign is absolutely perfect!!! They were made for each other. :)

  3. I agree Katie...

    No signs of anything but boring in my house!! LOL

    i love your birds!


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