Monday, February 14, 2011

Quick makeover

I bought 2 little star mirrors the other day at Salvation Army for a quarter a piece. They were really beat up, but since the back was removable, SUPER easy to makeover.

Using the wallpaper I also found at a thift shop,some black paint, and black ribbon, I revamped them for the girls room. (They are each about the size of my hand.)

You can click on the picture to enlarge and see how icky they really were in the before shot. I wanted to make the ribbon have a bow at the top, but I knew Ms. Thang would veto that "baby-ish" idea. I think I made good choices here. A touch of whimsy and fun for Cutecumber, but the black gives it a bit of teen edge.

That's what I'm hoping anyway. We'll see what Ms. Thang has to say about it when she comes home from school.

I gave them their little bag of v-day treats before I sent them off.

Scented colored pencils (on clearance @ Big Lots in the school supplies)

Giant lip smackers from Target (The Scientist got Dr.Pepper flavor..his favorite soda that he never gets to have lol)

Hand shaped suckers from Walmart- The scientists is a "ROCK" hand, Cutecumbers is "I LOVE U" and Ms. Thang is "PEACE". They are really cute.

The girls also got some hair accessories (big pink rose headband for Ms. Thang) and the Scientist got some magnet clips shaped like flies for his magnet board.

Here are a couple of them holding the giant valentine his "wifey" made him out of flame printed duct tape. She couldn't have given him a better gift. He absolutely loves it.

Happy Valentines day to everyone! I hope your hearts are bursting at the seams! :)

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  1. Those turned out fantastic! You described them perfectly - Ideal for the kiddo and the teeno! :)

    Great job!


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