Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mental productivity

I did SO much today in the girls room!

1. Bought paint at walmart in Ms. Thang's color choice of Shimmering Summer Pool.

2. Took before pictures of their room.

I am so pooped!

ok ok.. I didn't do much, but regardless I feel it all coming together. I wonder if most of you are sick of hearing about it, (and honestly..my blog, not caring) but with my bathroom makeover, and recent master bedroom redo, I didn't blog about the steps leading up to how it all came about. I just gave a couple of hinting ideas and then the before and after. That is the part I LOVE about decorating and whether or not I'm good or bad at it, I just love bringing it all together. Some of the design is required more than wanted, like the bunk beds.
Some of it is requests like the mirrored closet doors and the color pallet.
Most of it is totally stolen ideas from the internet.
A lot of it is limited by funds.
Part of it is just luck or being in the right place at the right time (or what someone gave away to a thrift store while I was doing the make over lol)
but ALL of it is fun for me. I feel like I put a lot of myself into the design because I love doing it so much and I hope that shows, especially in my children's rooms. I really try to choose things they will love and give them a place that makes them happy.

Now, how about some before pictures of the girls rooms and I'll give a few more visuals about what is going on in my head and a few problems I'm running into and hope you have advice about.

Here is what you see as you walk into the room:

1. Ms. Thang actually has a "grass skirt" bed skirt but it's tucked up under the mattress because it gets tangled in the vacuum cleaner. I suggest NEVER buying one of those. She also has a sham that matches her bed. The pillow that had the sham is now on Cutecumbers bed and the sham hasn't been out since. Cutecumber also has a pretty comforter, but it's in the wash after a fruit snack mishap. I did not clean to snap before shots. That will make for even better after shots lol

2. The curtain. First of all, the bottom left corner was shredded to bits one night when Hamilton the Hamster (rip) was set too close to the window. Also it's WAY too sheer for the room. The kids windows get a lot of sun.

3 Ms. Thang hung these in her room after her birthday party. I'm flattered that she loved them enough to keep them, but those dust collectors have gotta go.

More on Ms. Thangs side:

1. This is where the board and batten will go.

2. The aqua/turquoise paint will go only above the chair rail. This is also the area where I plan to put the bunk beds with their handmade quilts.

3. This is a "snag" area. Ms. Thang is slowly getting over her infatuation with this particular guy, but there will always be another poster she will beg to put up. I want to allow her to hang up ONE and in a poster frame I don't mind it as much, but this will take up a lot of wall space and I'm trying not to fight it. I'm thinking of having 2 framed cork boards (one for each girl) and letting them decorate those with their ever changing fads. I hope I can talk Ms. Thang into it. I have a great plan for "art" above the bunk bed though that we both agree on.

4. You can probably see this better in the first picture, but Honey applied dark tint to the window hoping it would keep the sun/heat out and that was an ugly idea. I'm hoping thick curtains will help out here.

Lets look at Cutecumbers side shall we?

1. This wall is so neglected and it always was. That shelf was an after-thought, thrown up there to fill in the vast blankness. It's going to look even MORE empty when her bed is removed from this side. I need ideas for this wall. Ms. Thang wants a collage type art wall, with frames, shelves, and knick-knacks in the room colors, and I like the idea because I can make it as small or large as I want, and add to it as we go, but I worry it will look cluttered. It would be a good way to incorporate the stars I made-over. I'm leaning a little more to a large vinyl quote.

2. This baby bed will go in the play room, but she will use a wooden cradle my mom gave Ms. Thang when she was younger and I plan to paint it red to match this highchair. It's not really flying well with Ms. Thang (too baby-ish) but it IS Cutecumber's room too and she enjoys putting her babies to bed, so I put my foot down for her on that one, but opted to make the crib match at least. I'm pretty nice if you ask me.

3. This is the toy box and I am thinking of moving it under the window and making a seat cushion on top. I'm still undecided since it's so small. I do plan to have a chair in the corner where Cutecumber's bed is now as a reading area and possibly repainting this magazine rack and mounting it near the seating area as well.

4. I seriously need to vacuum, but I've been so busy today... lol

At the end of Ms. Thangs bed:

1. The dresser. The drawers DO shut all the way, but the bottom one is falling apart because Cutecumber uses it as a stepping stool to the TV. I think this is going out and I'm hoping to get a long 6 drawer piece to put along the long wall opposite the bunk beds. I've been watching craigslist with little luck.

2.The mirrored closet doors. One door is broken so I have to buy a new set. Ms. Thang and Cutecumber both enjoy dancing and twirling in front of these big mirrors so I am buying a set exactly like this and hoping to install it better. (One door was always coming off track..any ideas?)

3. The hat and belts are not staying here. That just appeared one day. :/ I'm also wanting to get them a small flat screen tv and possibly mount it to the wall. (btw, LOVE those hangers. You would not believe the amount of clothes fitting in there right now.)

The foot area of Cutecumber's current bed:

1. That bow holder is a joke. It doesn't have enough room for all the girls bows and they all end up in the bathroom anyway. It's out.

2. The chain of stuffed animals. I hate this as well and it is NOT staying. Ms. Thang is packing away the ones she wants to save as I type this, and I am about to reduce this down where the keepers will fit in Cutecumbers toy box. (I hate to admit this, but there are many nights I have to get a chair from the kitchen and pick out one for each of my girls to sleep with, only to have them change their mind the next night. I am such a sucker!)

3. There is the 'after-thought" shelf again. Maybe it can be part of the collage on this wall? I'm having trouble coming up with that whole wall area.

The door:

1. This is a jewelry box that Ms. Thang got for Christmas. LOVE IT! Cutecumber can't play in it and it holds quite a bit. I really need to print out some pictures for her because it still has the photos it came with. It will probably go right back in that spot.

2. We painted this door for Ms. Thang just after we moved in. I'm ready to paint over it. It was nice for awhile, but it's time for it to go. It will return to boring ol' white.

And that's more than you ever wanted to know about that room I'm sure. lol I'd love to hear any ideas you have or feedback on my ideas. Mainly I need help with a the wall opposite the bunk beds. What to do..what to do?


  1. First, you do an amazing job putting it all together. I think one of the reasons you're so good at it is because you put so much thought and love into each accessory. They not only look good in the room, but have so much thought behind them.

    Second, for the empty wall, what if you made a hair pretty holder? You could take a hook (embroidery hoop?) or hanger (ribbon covered?) and one can have a Red ribbon, the other can have a turquoise ribbon. Clip the hair pretties on there for both decoration and function. :)

    Third, I never noticed Ms Thang's bed before. It's super cute! What are you going to do with it?

  2. Also, I can't believe you're painting over the door. Can't you just leave it as is?????

    What if you have a big photo board on that blank wall? You can put in there pics Cutecumber colors and / or the latest heart throb for Ms. Thang. Take a black peice of satiny material and do the criss cross design w/ red & turquoise ribbon.

    Holy hell. Your matchy matchy - ness is rubbing off on me. ;)

  3. lol @ you getting all matchy matchy! Serves you right for teasing me!

    Aiyana's bed is actually a set of two that were Greg and his brother's growing up and I just painted it white. I had a vision of matching beds in the girls room, but the small room just can't handle it comfortably. I'll put the frame out in the shop with the other one for now. They headboard is so cute with a rounded center, but covered in the photo.

    I like your ideas!


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